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The practice is well known in acient Greece.
They would practice using the dice from games and gambling.
But it was also used to tell the future.
Before greece practiced Cleromancey it was onced used
by Nomadic tribes these tribes used the
knuckles of Animal bones using four sides of the dice.
When the Greeks learned of it they used Dice with
Semi-Precious metals and stones and turned the four
sided dic to a six sided pathway of seeing things.
It is most common to use three dice but most modern
cleromanciers use two.
There are a few rules when practicing Cleromancey.
You can follow them if you like or make your own.
These are based on Long traditions practiced
through out the ages.
As Christianity Rosed there were certain days
Cleromanicer were not suppose to roll the dice.
The two days are Monday and Wednesday.
When preforming Cleromancey you should do it in silence.
Do not ask a question that is for you unless you have someone
else throw it for you.
You should only consult the dice once a week.
Most traditions claim the divination will come true
within Nine days.
Invoke Thoth for success with games of dice. After all,
he invented them and won the very first game.
Place a pair of dice atop the Magician card pulled
from a tarot deck and light a candle beside it.
Ask Thoth for skill, luck, money, whatever it is
that you need.
(Source:The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells:
The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts~
Judika Illes)
The way to cast the dice is by drawing a circle
on the table, cloth, or Ground.
The circle is traditoonally 12 inches.
Though modern techine has shown to use a cloth
or paper that has the circle drawn.
Making sure the area that you cast the dice is flat.
Whatever falls in the circle you add the numerical value.
If they are out of the circle by tradition you ignire them.
If they are on top of each other it means to refuse an offer
you been given.
if the dice repeatedly fall out of the circle it is no doubt.
That the dice were not wanting to give informaion.
Wait till 12-32 hours to try to recounsult them.
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Re: Cleromancey
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What does the numbers mean?
Do i use numerology
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