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Post # 1
I was wonder if any one knew about pendulums, I am no newbie to this use of them, I respect my Craft & work of the light. As of recent, something Dark came through I have blessed saged recharged it properly, also, you did the swinging in the circular motion to release any negative energies, I scry over my keyboard. Last night, My crystal said the number V1 roman numbers sorry. 6. I know this is evil it said it wants to put x's on my eyes, the seer. Also calling us zoo animals. I am also an Empath so I have been sick, this girl I read for months ago I know it was from her, She is the cause, I banned her, but this is demonic, like super big time. This thing is saying it is going to cut me & put x's on my eyes I refuse to communicate with it. So how am I supposed to make a living? Tarot & all, if this thing is here? I even ingested holy water. I hope someone has Ideas it refuses to give me its name oh but it did say I the seer was given to him he said when I was born. what? Guys ever heard of this before? I haven't used an Ouija board either & don't contact spirits of evil, there is a block since I was little I ask for it. So far good until a 2 months or so. Thanks L&L April Hope I can find comments to this post first time poster.
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Re: Pendulums
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Magic Items from Introduce Yourself.
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Re: Pendulums
Post # 3
Well I read Tarot Card & Rune stones I also use my Pendulum, I practice safe. I am a natural healer since a child, I have Empathic abilities, & psychic abilities, I have set blocks to keep negative out. I use sage oils incense & salt Crystals & gemstones. I also read a lot, Ground & center. I do it all free, in a reading room. I came into contact with something in my reading room, a female I was reading for, oh I also read photos or there profile photo's sometimes I get a flash, I saw shadow man in her room, I didn't want to frighten her. So I was quite as I am not into scaring people, she started telling me things are happening, something in spirit said, come here sit on daddy's lap little girl creepy, while I was connected to her, this was getting worse her dad is alive & not evil, a trickster. Pure evil you just know it. I saw it growing I had to tell her, she said her son saw a skeleton man in daddy's closet. her son had scrathes on his arm. I gave her all the proper things to do & told her to get a priest to come. She private messages me, about wanting to curse him I said I have to disconnect as in my state, I am fraggle & live no where near them. She headed none of my advise, but something attached to me. I strongly feel I am in numerology also, the numbers 6 is coming up like on the clock 1:23 = 6 when I was scrying my crystal always says her name < crystal everything is fine then she said don't move. I said why? she said ^6 in roman numerals. I said what? She said he said he will cut you and put x's on your eyes. You The seer XXX on your eyes. also saying we are zoo animals, I pulled back because I have blocks never before has this happened EVER! I saw this in a vision the demonic shadows, but the see me my spirit guide said it is idol threat but my pendulum is my baby, how do I repair her? I have done everything possible, to cleanse her. Do you have Ideas? Many thanks for your time & reading the long post L&L

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Re: Pendulums
Post # 4
i really wanna help, but i think i'll PM you how to do cuz its really "intense". i will give you the way to clear your room and pendulums (and maybe other tools).

i cant share because i'll use astral language as a spell and hope you didnt share it.

why i help you? cuz i smell the l**iathan/Jor***gandr's breed in your photo, beside, im new in this site

PS : PM me if you're interested
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Re: Pendulums
Post # 5
I made a short guide on pendulum divination if you want to see it here's the link! copy paste it!

hope this helps!
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