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I'm haunted

Forums ► Misc Topics ► I'm haunted
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I'm haunted
Post # 1
I guess this all started when I was younger, my mother said that when I was about ten weird things started happening, I woke up with scratches on my back, our furniture would move around or the radio would play in the middle of the night.

I said that it was the woman in the blue dress, my parents thought it was just an imaginary friend, until things got worse, doors would shut and not open, fresh food would go off, milk would curdle, pictures falling of the walls and me screaming in horror during the night.

so my parents reluctantly got a psychic to visit the house she asked if anyone had ever used a quijja board or taken part in a seance, our answer was no, she then asked if anyone had had a near death experience. When my mother gave birth to me I was a still born and I was dead for a few minutes before they brought me round.

The psychic said that I crossed over and brought a spirit back with me, she performed a ritual (I have no idea which one or how she done it) but things after that got better.

Now I'm eighteen and I've never thought of the woman in the blue dress for years, we never speak of the weird things that went on and to be honest I can barely remember them.

A few days ago I went to my room and on my bed I saw my drawing from eight years ago of the woman in the blue dress. No one knows how it got onto my bed, my cat has been crying and hissing while looking behind me. Now I've got a little brother and he is five, he was sat laughing in the den and when I asked him what he was laughing at he said "the girl in the blue dress"

So my question is why do you think this spirit has come back?
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Re: I'm haunted
Post # 2
Could be a completely different entity, feeding off of your fear.
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Re: I'm haunted
Post # 3
barbi is right,
being a trained psychic myself, I know that a traditionally trained psychic doesn't really banish a spirit, though they say so as it is easier to understand for the general public. What they do is they use their power to take the spirit, kicking and screaming, nonetheless, to a place of healing where they are put through to the next life. The spirit shouldn't be able to return. However, this may be an entity taking up the appearance of the lady in the blue dress to frighten you, feeding off your fear.
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Re: I'm haunted
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Most spirits do not need our help Spellsinger, and although it is true that some witches act as psychopomps for the dead, there are still, more often then not, spirits we kick in the behind (banish). Please do not speak for anyone but yourself.

It doesn't send them off to "hell" or anywhere in particular, it just sends them packing, away from us. Being "psychic" has nothing to do with practicing magick or journeying (projection, dreamwalking and vision quests) although sometimes they can be combined.

Children are huge catalysts for spiritual activity. Absolutely huge. And the closer they get to puberty, the worse it gets. The woman in the blue dress may not be bad, but when you open that door and start communicating with spirits (as your little brother is) other spirits that are not so nice may begin to see him as the perfect victim. Spirits are like people, some are kind and some are creepy perverts with violent tendencies. Some want to guard and guide you or just be friends, others want you to think that and lie so they can hurt you. You live and learn. It's the way of life.

Natural mediums are like bridges in themselves, and when they are young, they are little doorways that spirits like to abuse. It tends to terrorize the child and either they block out the gift due to fear or they learn how to control it and protect themselves. But while they are young they need to be protected. This is why even in Christian folk magic and superstition, it is stressed that children need amulets and charms to protect them.

What you need to do is protect your brother, and ward the house. No rituals needed, just look into various protections, the older the better. If you have no previous experience in magick you need to use things that have a history being used in magick because they hold the essence of what they have been used for.

I would like to ask what your faith is, because that matters. It is easier to suggest specific amulets, prayers, etc when you can suggest one that someone feels comfortable using because it pairs well with their religion.
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Re: I'm haunted
Post # 5
Ill be honest here,everything you just described sounds like it came straight out of a horror story or movie somewhere.Im willing to be i could find a movie,book,recording etc thats almost exactly like that.But hey,who am i to tell you what is and what isnt.Anywho,ive dealt with "Ghosts" for a shining minute now.There are good ones....and then there are really bad ones.Either way they always have a reason for being that way even if its out of our field of visions.The advice id give you (From personal hands on experience) is if its good? Start speculating before attempting communication if thats your desire.If its bad?Dont feed the beast,protect yourself and man up.If you take out the fear and negative energies in the situation itll either get bored and move on or it wont bother messing with something it cant scare. Im certain many people would disagree aswell as agree with me but like i said.This is from personal experience so take it or leave it.Thats your choice
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