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A spirit lost in time, a priest, priestess, shaman, shrine maiden, a sick man, a student, a teacher, a lost soul, searching... I've been and seen it all. Welcome weary traveller to my cosy corner of cyberspace. Warm your cold bones by the fire, you are safe. This place accepts everyone of all walks. All gods are one, we see them differently, they represent different things to us, but in the end, they are one and the same, simply faces we give to whatever greater force is above us all, therefore, do not scorn any, love all the children of the great one. Be it in the form of god or goddess, they are our mother, and our father, one who is above us all. I came to learn and to teach, you can take that as you will, I'll speak the way I like, if society wants me to change the way I speak, if they forbid me from the truth, then I want no part in it.
If you were to ask me where I live, I would call you a creep, so we'll skip over that part. But if you were to ask about what spiritual path I have chosen for myself I would tell you 'I don't do love magic and don't believe in blood sacrifices.' with a smile too. Even though we pretend to know ourselves, if you think about it analytically we give our address to people and websites quite often, our own personal path is sacred to us in it's own way, yet we would tell people. Some hear that I don't use blood and love magic and think that I think I'm too good for it, but to be truthful, I go dizzy at the sight of blood and don't want to mess up my karma with love magic.
For now we will say that I am dwelling in solitude, building my wisdom like the hermit on tarot cards. My patron goddess is Morrigan. I have actually been doing witchcraft for a while now. Not only in this lifetime, but in others too. But that's a story for another time. I'm willing to tell of the wisdom I had to retrace if you are willing to ask.
People also seem to think that one who is so young can hardly be wise, but I care little what the once born think of me, for those of you who have lived through hundreds of lives like me, it is not hard to seem wise to those who do not understand the mysteries.
I don't think myself wise, that is for others to decide, not for me. But enough of wisdm, mysteries and what others think, I am simply the accumulation of my sins and virtues. I came in search of experience, help, the oppurtunity to help, friendship and companioship. I specialize in protective and healing magic, if you have any questions, ask me. However, I should warn you all that the wise are content with what the gods give them. So I don't usually do spells for those I don't know personally, but there can be exceptions if you are in dire need of help.