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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Enlightenment for another

Enlightenment for another
Post # 1
I was hoping if someone could tell me a spell for someone other than me to have some enlightenment or self-discovery on themselves. Or teach me how to write one myself.

If someone you know and love needs work on themselves but they don't see it, how to open up their self-discovery and see any flaws especially. Like if someone has victim-mentality, how to speed up their enlightenment of themselves.
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Re: Enlightenment for another
Post # 2
I would say that, it is their own journey. And if they are making self destructive choices than they will reap the consequences. I do understand what is like to know someone like this, you just have to keep strong.
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Re: Enlightenment for another
Post # 3

It is up to that person to do the self-discovering. But, you can always be a moral support and help them learn to change their negativity into a positive behavior and action. You can provide them with mantras and positive suggestios or quotes. Also, letting that person know when they are becoming a "downer" or "mentally beating themselves" is important. Sometimes, they just don't realize they are doing this. If you ever need some ideas on quotes and other positive ideas, please message me. Hopefully this helps a little.

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Re: Enlightenment for another
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I agree with what people advised you above.People who have been abused emotionally of physically eventually can become prisoners of the past and forget to look for the future.However the healing process can not be rushed or forced in/on them ,without causing another type of complications.Think of the way your body copes with infection ,it makes you feeling ill and feverish ,but in same time it is fighting the infection.If you are about to stop this process in its tracks you will delay the healing or even stop it all together.There is always a point when the person realizes that something is fundamentally wrong with their inner world ,and they start looking for exit of the dark tunnel.There are very rare cases in which a person gives up on living all together.What you can do is show that you care for this person and respect the pace of recovery they have decided to follow even if it is in very slow pace or none.
Sometimes when I am in such situation and let say I want to help somebody to realize that they have hurt me or themselves with their actions I ask Archangels to intervene gently.Especially Raphael is good in such delicate matters.Also each person has a spirit or spirits that take care of him ,some call them angel guardians some call them spirit guides or deceased ancestors.
There are things watching over each and every one of us.
They have ways to reach us in our sleep or during meditation and this way is gentle and not so obvious ,so we will not try to block it and fight it back at the same instant we sense something is coming forcefully into our inner world.
Sometimes very gentle tap can start a cascade of events that will lead to eventual enlightening and healing ,which happens in gradual manner ,so it is not forced or sudden.
Most spiritual forces come once you mention their names and in same time show pure heart and good intentions.This is especially valid for angelic beings , however they will not do immoral deeds for anybody ,because this is against their nature,despite they can give you some tough love if they need to.
You can use various techniques to attract them from saying popular prayers to calling upon them using some of the popular ceremonial magic rituals such like LBRP. You can also make your own chant or prayer ,which you can repeat in your mind when you are around this person.When spiritual beings stand around you they also influence everyone else standing near you with their gentle energy.
Of course the best variant is him/her calling upon them and calling/seeking for any other additional help ,but I guess it will take some time till she/he reaches this stage of realization.Till then do not give up on this person.

If you need additional help do not hesitate to mail me.Best luck to you and your buddy.
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