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Post # 1
So,Ithink i have fallen in love at first sight with a perfect stranger, a customer (I work in a retail shop in London UK.)
This guy is firmly impressed on my mind..he came to buy a sim card for his laptop, but it did not work.. meanwhile I talked to him a bit,in order to give him athe right product for his needs and it turned out that he is from Michigan and has been here in the UK for 6 months for business..well, the sim card for his laptop did not work and he shook my hand saying "thank you" for helping him..
A few minutes later,to my big surprise he came back to the shop to top up the sim card on his phone and we talked a lil bit again..
I have this guy on my mind.. i remember his smile, his eyes (blue-grey), his brown reddish hair and beard,his skinny casual jeans, his grey cap, his black framed eye glasses, his blue wind jacket with hoodie, his backpack, his bitten nails and a silver ring on his left ring finger.
the guy appears to be quite small..
ok i framed him on my mind..
Is there a spell to retrieve him, meet him again?
a spell to make him come back, like a second chance?
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Re: help!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from General Info.
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Re: help!
Post # 3
a spell to allow our paths to cross agai...
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Re: help!
Post # 4
Thats such a cute story :) you make him sound like Christian Grey lol.
pray that if its meant to be you meet him again :) u can write your wish on a bay leaf and burn it.
i wish you love :)
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Re: help!
Post # 5
thank you :)
this guy impressed me..i could not take my eyes off him.
It was nice when we started to talk and found out that we both have spent some time in the Fort Worth area.
It was sweet of him to shake my hand, saying " thank you" even though he had found out that the sim card he was about to purchase for his laptop was not good..
A few minutes later I turned and he was in the shop again, asking if he could top up his phone.
While my colleague was proessing the payment via credit card, this guy and I talked about our phones,he showed me his motorola telling me that it was not so good and i told him about my phone posting my pictures on facebook upside down and we both laughed about that.
He shook my hand and thanked me again because I also gave him the customer service number.
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Re: help!
Post # 6
I don't know his name (but I read a short name on his credit card) and his age..
All I know about him is that he has been here in London UK for business for 6 months so far and he is from Michigan...
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Re: help!
Post # 7
Did you say ring on his left ring finger? As in married?
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Re: help!
Post # 8
I can't say whether he was married or not.. the ring was on the left ring finger and was quite big, while his fingers and his hands were definitely small..
I know people who wear rings like that on the same finger, without being taken...
I remember his small hands but the shake was a firmly one and he had bitten nails. I saw this particular as sweet..
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Re: help!
Post # 9
You may not want to obsess over someone who is most likely married as the karmic consequences can be quite severe.
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Re: help!
Post # 10
I am not sure about his marital status.
Anybody can wear a ring similar to a wedding ring and not being married or taken..
Some people wear ring just because they like them, even on the left ring finger. I happened to ask them " are you married?" by looking at their ring and they said " Oh no, it's just a ring I like".

I am not here to debate the possible marital status of the guy who crossed my path a few days ago and I could not take my eyes off..
We talked a bit when he tried the sim card for his laptop and found out something in common..
He shook my hand firmly saying thank you even though the sim card for his laptop did not work..
Surprisingly, he came back within a couple of minutes (very unusual) saying that he needed to top up his mobile / cell phone and we kept talking and joking about our devices, while my colleauge was processing the payment via credit card..
Once the payment was done and the guy signed the receipt, he asked a few info and i reminded him the number for customer service and he was all glad about that.
Again he shook my hand and said thank you..
I wonder if there is a way to make our paths cross again..
He got into the shop asking for his laptop sim card basically..
then he came back to top up the card of his mobile device..
Why has he not asked about both the two things at once?
Was the top up an excuss to see me again?
That's why I need if there is a way, a spell to find out if our paths are crossing again..
He's impressed in my memory.
"you meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. And then you meet one person and your life is changed forever.." that's what happened to me the other day...
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