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Killing a demon

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Killing a demon
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Killing a demon
Post # 1
I want to know how to kill a demon, not send it back to Hell. Powerful spells, rituals, weapons, etc would be helpful

Re: Killing a demon
Post # 2
Lol no. I don't think it's possible to kill demons..
This isn't Charmed, witches aren't protectors of the innocent, nor do we have the powers to.
The best you can do is banish them or protect yourself..

Re: Killing a demon
Post # 3
The best u could do is banish it with a spell from this site

Re: Killing a demon
Post # 4

Your best chance to come close to "killing" a demon, is to banish it.

Most protection spells do work.

Best of luck.

Re: Killing a demon
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
There are many different views on demons but the general consensus is they are energy or spiritual beings meaning they have no corporal form on this plane. That being said I can't conceive nor believe it's possible for a human to kill a demon as they have no physical form to kill. As such demons like any spiritual being can be banished, though I know that's not the answer your seeking.

Re: Killing a demon
Post # 6
To kill a demon you have to behead it. If they are in a physical body that body will die as well. To behead it you have to do it in the astral. The same goes for you as well though. I would not recommend going after demons though. If they are on this plane rather than in one of the Hell realms they are most likely powerful and have been alive a long time. The weak do not survive in the Dark. Depending on what Hell they are from and what kind of demon, depends on what abilities they have. Some do have the power to negate any spell cast at them, either positive or negative. Some are injured by even the tiniest amount of light. Most concentrate on learning spells of one element until they perfect it, but some are powerful enough to use the whole range of them. You never know how powerful it is or what it can do until you are fighting it. If they are more powerful than you are, best case is they would just kill you, worst is they would take you back to Hell and rape and torture every ounce of power out of you and possibly even use you as a "breeder" until you are destroyed. I can guarantee you that you do not want the second option to happen. Even "weak" demons are not to be taken lightly. They are masters of manipulation and utterly ruthless. If they target you, they will destroy those you love and then everyone/everything else around you until you have nothing. Only then will they go after you.

Re: Killing a demon
Post # 7
You can't kill them but you can however try to banish them and try shielding or protecting yourself if you feel they might harm you.

Re: Killing a demon
Post # 8
@Jadian, umm, what?
I believe that your post is just a role-playing one, as I don't believe you can "behead a demon" or "the demons taking you to Hell."

Re: Killing a demon
Post # 9
Um Jadian did you just make that up because that is not true. And as said above your post is just a role play one. Remember role playing is not allowed on the site.

Re: Killing a demon
Post # 10
I respect your disbelief. It is not my place to contradict it or change it. I just know what I know. I sincerely hope you are never faced with a situation that proves what I have said. And no it is not role-playing. Nor is it delusions. There are enough out there that have dealt with such and remembered in it this life or are dealing with it currently that we could not all have come up with the same knowledge in such detail for it to be anything but real. Whether anyone really believes us doesn't matter. Each person's belief is there truth. That is the Law of Belief. I will not infringe on or disparage your beliefs, so please do not do so to mine.

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