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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Empath=Psychology?
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Post # 1
I am curious becauseI am a bit of an empath and I want to be a psychologist. Does being an empath have any perks over psychology?
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Re: Empath=Psychology?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Empathy is psychologically supported, if that's what you mean? A simple search in Psychology Today online will probably give you a few good articles on the topic with a research trail of various studies that you can read individually.

Everyone is empathic to some degree. But just as some of us have 20/20 vision, some are superior to that, and most are less than perfect, the strength that we feel through empathy varies from person to person. Empathy strength relies on being able to detect, accept, define, and control our own emotions.
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Re: Empath=Psychology?
Post # 3
Bright blessings, Justasceptic
I myself am and Empath, crystal child and a medium. for psychology it can help understand people a bit more. On how thwy feel they feel more comfortable talking to you as you can understand. I myself am majoring in social work and minoring in psychology. If you wish to know more you can message me.

Merry part and blessed be.
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Re: Empath=Psychology?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Empathy as a skill is often trained in to many psychologists as a basic part of their practice. Being able to recognise and understand the body language and other subtle cues of one's patient is a potent tool in understanding their concerns and how they are being affected by them. Psychology is about understanding and awareness to gain insight and develop beneficial courses of action.

Empathy, as it is considered as a psychic ability, is the act of having a physical personal response to the emotions of others. So when you are around a person who is projecting emotions, especially strong ones, you physically feel them. For example if someone is intensely angry one might feel it as a sudden knot or tension in the stomach or like they are suddenly being pushed back. Or inexplicably tense or angry themselves.

While this expression of empathy can also be valuable tool, as it can sometimes give a greater depth of awareness of any given situation, it also has drawbacks. For one it can be very draining to always being exposed to both the positive and negative emotions of a series of patients. if you are a natural empath it would be a wise practice to take time between patient sessions to recharge and ground out. having a chunk of obsifdian nearby to handle is also a good idea for the same reason. Or, if you want to be more subtle wear a piece of obsidian or other grounding stone against the skin as a piece of jewelery like a pendant.

you would also want to make sure you develop a strong sense of Self and awareness, so you can understand when you are being adversely affected by the emotions coming at you. The trick is in being actively aware of what you are encountering, and learning to develop a distinction between recognizing the emotions of others, and sharing in them.
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