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Hair in a spell?

Forums ► Vodou ► Hair in a spell?
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Hair in a spell?
Post # 1
Hello, I joined this site to ask about what I consider to be a very specific kind of "spell". I have my (soon to be) ex-husband's pony tail that he cut earlier this year.
I felt very compelled to save it at the time, so I didn't throw it out.
The problem I'm having is that he is the farther of my 6 month old son and the baby I'm carrying. He is an awful person: emotionally, verbally and physically abusive, a severe drug addict, and he is cruel and manipulative to everyone he encounters. He has more enemies than friends because he always screws people over.

We are in the middle of a horrendous custody battle over my precious little boy and I am constantly afraid for his life and well being when it's his turn to have him.

I'm wanting advice on a spell that I can create using his hair. I'm not wanting to kill or really even harm him - I just want to weaken his defenses and his senses so that he is not one step ahead of me in all of our legal matters. This is all new to me but he has been through the system for child custody before so he is using that to his advantage. I'd also like to send back to him some of the emotional scars he left on me so that I can heal and he can experience what he put me through.

Any and all advice is welcome. Sorry to sound naive - though I have long be interested in things of this nature I am admittedly not well versed in the proper terms and whatnot. :)
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Re: Hair in a spell?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Oh there are plenty of ways to use his hair to dominate him and what not.

Consider what exactly it is you want done NOW. Meaning, it might not be the safest idea to put a man who is already manipulative, abusive and unstable through an emotional roller coaster since he still has access to your son and a spell/work does not stop simply because the little one is there.

So the question is...what do you need right now? (If you have a pony tail, there's enough hair to do work multiple times)
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Re: Hair in a spell?
Post # 3
you should try to do things without magic first. you could do something wrong and make it worse. try to get recordings of his mishaps. that would help you alot.
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Re: Hair in a spell?
Post # 4
Thanks for your replies. :) I appreciate all of the info.

Though I would like to abstain from resorting to using magic, I feel that I have tried everything to make this situation better. I have extensive documentation of everything he has said and done, every time he's been late, every time my baby has come home to me dirty and smelling like cigarette smoke or coughing... I have an attorney and I am soon to be working with a private detective.

Like I said, I don't wish to harm him, only to possibly weaken his defenses and possibly make his feelings toward me less hostile. In no way do I wish to make him love me again! It's just that currently he harbors so much animosity toward me for leaving him that he is trying everything he can to make my life hell and take my son from me.
Perhaps if he were less angry things would improve.

I understand that spell work does not stop simply because my child may be present at times, hence the reason I don't wish to cause harm.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Hair in a spell?
Post # 5
Hair from a person, or your "target", are used in dominating rituals and curses.


There are rituals, such as jar spells, for winning in court.


If his "character", and "hobbies", are well documented -- I don't see you having much trouble in keeping your son.
Even pushing for him to have "supervised" visiting rights, since your child come back in bad shape.

Good luck.

~ Never Lost
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Re: Hair in a spell?
Post # 6
You can also work a honey jar to sweeten him to you. I have been in a similar situation 2 times. The first time ended disasterously. Him in jail for 4 yrs. Divorce. And me raising a kid alone. Second husband. Better. Still had issues and were able to reconcile after treatment.
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