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Before Doing Readings

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► Before Doing Readings
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Before Doing Readings
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

Divination is a great love of mine, and while I have met many charlatans passing off their trade as a true gift, I've met even more over eager diviners whom have not learned their trade well enough. The below is my personal guidelines for what reader should be able to do, and what they should say and do when setting up any readings, whether you charge for it or not.While some readers find it unethical to charge for readings, I find that it is an insult to the reader to expect to get their skills for free. If you do charge for your readings, or are thinking about charging for them, you should take the following questions very seriously.

Before deciding to take up reading as a business (as giving services is such), consider the following:

  1. What readings do you wish to do?
  2. What level of skill is required to accurately perform the readings?
  3. What number of years you will need to practice in order to be considered proficient in these readings?
  4. Where will you perform these readings?
  5. How will you perform these readings? (IE: In person, over the phone, over the net, etc)
  6. How will you ensure that your reading is accurate?

  1. What sort of preparation work will you do on yourself, your space, and these tools?
  2. How will (and will) you protect your tools and yourself from an entity or a client's energies?
  3. How will (and will) you clear your space and tools before and after each reading?
  4. How will (and will) you work with your own spiritual allies in these readings?

  1. What will you do if your reading is correct?
  2. What will you do if your reading is incorrect?
  3. How will (and will) you council, help, or treat a client who has a serious spiritual issue(s) which come up in the reading?
  4. How will (and will) you council, help, or treat your client if they have entities hanging on, around, or within them? (In this cause I'm speaking of shadowing, aspecting, inspiring, etc, which do not require a full possession experience but can be caused by a close connection to a spiritual entity.)
  5. What if a client (or an ally of a client) takes offense to your spiritual ally or allies?

These are, by far, not all the questions one should ask oneself before deciding to do a reading whether it be for charge or not, however I feel when expecting people to pay for your skills and gifts, you should have all this information well figured out. If you are reading for a friend, then you don't necessarily need all these questions answered.

The first six involve questions of reading ability itself which anyone can answer who wishes to do a reading, as well as the more technical aspects of the reading itself. When figuring out the more technical aspects, remember to keep in mind the client(s) that you will be seeing and how you will be performing the reading itself; your reading, no matter how accurate, will be unprofessional if you have dirty laundry in sight. The next four are based on the preparation work involved in the reading itself. This preparation work is important as it can effect how the reading itself will turn out; on a day where you cannot step outside of your own problems for your client's, you can't expect to give them an accurate reading. This preparation work leads you on to the next five questions. The final five involve what to do after you have finished the reading, as well as some pop-up problems that can occur during a reading. If you don't know how to handle these issues, you probably shouldn't be reading at all, much less for money.

You should also take care to include information on yourself for your client's benefit, such as how long you have practiced a certain form of divination, how long you've been involved in magical/spiritual pursuits, etc. If you are under the age of 18, you shouldn't be reading for anyone but yourself and/or friends. If you are under the age of 30, you probably won't be taken seriously as a reader and should not take this as an insult. In some pagan communities, there is a community diviner, in which case this person may be of any age; practice, skill, and knowledge tend to be the requirements, however rarely do you see the very young in this esteemed position. Community diviners are often used to confirm or deny things for the group, whether they be large things or small, and their positions are to be respected rather than coveted.

Reading is a serious business, often treated as entertainment, however if a reader is not properly prepared for what could come knocking at their door, they may find it hard to make trouble leave.

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Re: Before Doing Readings
Post # 2
I agree with you, I think your guidelines can be usefull for many, both diviners and clients..could this post become an article in the newby central? I think it would be of help.
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Re: Before Doing Readings
Post # 3
I totally agree this would be great for newbie's. As I am new to the site but am not new to magic it would be very helpful for many. That said, I am empathic and can also do medium work. (only when souls come to me or I m asked to speak to them) I work only for friends due to some of the issues raised in your post. There are so may precautions to take when reading for strangers. I haven't had the guts to try it!
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