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magic basics

Forums ► Introduce Yourself ► magic basics
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magic basics
Post # 1
ello im new to this site and magick in general so i wanted to get off on the right start so im starting this tread and i appreciate all help given to me

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Re: magic basics
By: / Novice
Post # 2
In many traditions, you will be prompted to take a year and a day doing primarily study and as little actual practice as possible when it is unsupervised. Many of us can't find supervision being solo practitioners, but the year and a day still isn't a bad idea.
This time without intense practice gives you time to gather knowledge of different situations and practices, both to better prepare yourself and to allow you to find what kind of practice you would like to do.

Before any of the more complicated works, it would be advisable to begin working on energy sensitivity while you read/learn or whathaveyou. Energy sensitivity can be honed in many ways, the simplest of these early practices is very simple indeed.
Take the time out of your day to focus on any part of your body more than the others. Start small and work up to larger body parts. Say, your finger, work up to eventually observing your entire arm and everything it feels. There is more to this, but it can take a bit to fully hone all of them anyhow.

The connection between energy and your ability to observe sensations may seem slight, but focus and presence meditations will ultimately help you. Particularly if you can learn how your energy FEELS before you begin working with the visualizations and imagery that you will find. Work on feel before appearance.

Random inspiration now gone, hopefully further post will help flesh out more concepts.
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Re: magic basics
Post # 3
Yes, you should start with chakra and energy work. I would say, having a research on a topic of magick is good for beginners. You could check the articles,forums or in the chatter. There is a beginner's guide in my profile which can help. And yea,you should also start with the basics.hope this helps!
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Re: magic basics
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Chakras come later that may be to much for one just starting out.

Here is a list of the Basics

The basics Tools,Meditation, Visualization, Focus, Moon Phases, Colors, Days, grounding and centering, power flow, Elements, Circle Casting, Charkas

This link is for the Basics

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Re: magic basics
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Well, if you're serious about learning how to do magic and with starting from the rock-bottom then you don't start out by casting spells, you start out by learning how and why magic works.

You see, there is no such thing as an "easy" spell or a "beginner" spell. One either understands how magic works and has mastered the basics...in which case the magic will work..or you haven't done that sort of work..and no spell will work no matter how "easy" it seems.

Casting a successful spell involves much more than finding some spell on the internet or in a book, saying some words, lighting a candle, waving a wand of any of that sort of thing. In order for magic to work you need to understand how and why it works in the first place. Grounding and centering, visualization, focus and intent, energy manipulation, etc are all necessary first steps to even begin to have a chance at a spell actually working...and more importantly to prevent a spell from back-firing on you.

So, my advice for anyone who is truly serious is to start by reading a few books and practicing the exercises those books will give you. Once you have mastered the basics you won't need anyone to give you spells, you'll be able to create your own spells that will be far more effective than anything you find on the net. Here's the books I suggest:

"Before You Cast a Spell" by Carl McColman

"Spells and How They Work" by Janet and Stewart Farrar

"The Veil's Edge" by Willow Polson

"Modern Magick" by Donald Michael Kraig

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