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How to make Ouija board

Forums ► General Info ► How to make Ouija board
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How to make Ouija board
Post # 1
There are a few ways but before I go into this I will give you a simple warning, these boards are no child's toy what you bring to you you need to be able to cast out. It is possible to get killed using them so be careful in the knowledge of the other-side you seek. In this I will give you a simple lesson about how to form a powerful blessed board, as well as how to use it, it will take practice so be patient in it's dealings if something doesn't happen right off bat. So to begin we must have the proper materials, depending on how long you want to keep this board, as stated in the chat you can use Paper and a Pin, or Card board and marker, Better stronger boards are crafted of Wood and polished over to be smooth, even stronger is the ones of stone as pricey as they mite be. Once you have this, Fix the design of the letters as any normal board add numbers and the Yes and no, I personally add ''am'' and ''pm'' for time differences . A sun can go in one corner for day and the other for night and don't forget ''Hello'' and ''Bye'' The next thing you will want to do is bless your board, which creates a stronger energy stream to the board in it's communications, I have known from a friend that you can call a spirit to move the plangent (can be wood or a cup, or small object which circles the letter used. I use my neckless as a pendulum to scurry for answers I trained it how to do so my pointing in the letters direction and saying yes while on it in a clockwise circle motion ) in this way if the invocations is powerful enough. If you bless it use all the elements in order, Earth, Air, Fire, Water but only if you e the right kind to do this obviously you don't want to ruin your board lols. Finally after this is done, call your spirit to speak and remember to follow these simple safety rules, never taint the board with your blood or blood period this draws demonic entities to you and use candles to surround the board as a barrier of protection.
Blessings are an implementation of the purification of the object by that element, to bless it you cleanse it in that element, air can be done by breath, Earth by dirt or Sea Salt, Fire by the element of fire via candle candle wax or wood burner if your carving, and water by blessed water. To call the spirit you concentrate the name of the spirit and summon it to the board. Keep in mind this is also possible with living spirits (like people) if they are asleep at the time they are called. To cleanse simply take your plangent and rub it all across the board this wipes the energy of the board clean as you concentrate the word cleanse doing so. Getting rid of spirits, use smudging via White sage the whole place this cleanses any negativity from the home, include smudging yourself as well. When done go do something normal/mundane to bring focus back to the physical realm. The sky is the limit to the things your going to find after this. Hope this Helps!
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Re: How to make Ouija board
Post # 2
I wouldn't recommend using one. It's extremely harmful and I've had friends get physically hurt and bring in demons using them.
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