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My Story So Far...

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My Story So Far...
Post # 1
I grew up in Christian catholic household. My biological father left me with my mother when I was aged to one year. When I turned three my mother married my step father Ted. Teddy was the closest thing I had to a father. I loved him. Two years later, my fathers work in nuclear weapons technology moved us to an air force base in Bree, Belguim, Europe. It was a wonderful place, full of magic. Though my young mind was unaware of how lucky I was to be there, it ended before I could say goodbye. Two and a half years passed. I moved back to Shreveport, Louisiana. I lived a seemingly happy life for another year. Then my father cheated on my mother. A divorced happened. I grew angry. I hated myself, I hated my father for cheating, my mother for leaving, and I hated God for bringing this upon me. For the next five years, I lived in near poverty with my mother and sister. Moving from city to city, one apartment after another. All during this time I slowly lost faith in God and turned to the arts of witchcraft. I started off small. A simple money spell to bring better financial wealth to my small family. It worked. We were comfortable. Next my mother needed companionship. One night stand after one night stand, it got old. I grew tired and angry of hearing her moan from across the house. So I ended it. I placed a bindrune secretly in her purse. It was meant to bring her a good man that would also be a good father. It worked fairly well. After another stepfather, divorce, and now a fiance, I am where I am. I have been practicing Heathenism for a year now, there is so much to learn and I will not quit. As long as there are questions, I will seek answers. My overall magic practice is seven years.

Thank you for reading my second, more in depth introduction. Any questions will be responded to promptly. Please fell free to send me a message or comment here.
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Re: My Story So Far...
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
It seems like you've been through a lot. I hope you enjoy this site as much as i have! Good luck!
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Re: My Story So Far...
Post # 3
Europe sounds beautiful. this year a one of my friends moved to connecticut all the way from spain. she is very nice. Im sorry you had to go through all of those things in your life. I have been through many bad things in my life as well but the way I see it you can either stay in your past and be swallowed whole by terrifying memories or you start new memories and try your hardest to make the best out of life. when you cast a spell a tip that way they dont backfire on you is to say "with harm to none let this spell be done so mote it be" I would love hearing from you so please friend me and if you need any more tips or help on spells I am always here. I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!****(:
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Re: My Story So Far...
Post # 4
Thanks, but no thanks. I am way more experienced than I was then.
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