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Why practice?

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Why practice?
Post # 1
It has accured to me there are the norms and the non-norms. Muggles and the creatures. I call people who don't practice anything: muggles. I call those who practice something: creatures. I call them creatures because those who actually practice something you can see it in their eyes.

This post is to actually suggest something, then a mod may come in and suplicate and say it may or may not be a good idea.

The idea is this. This is where the dedicated are separated from the chaff. How long should one practice their work? Should practice be merely thought of in theory or should it also be comprised of dedicated time with practical simple practice?

This is a good question, because it is. My fellow brothers and sisters of the art, when and how long do you practice your rituals? I know you may say you meditate to and fro, and we should all do the same, but I am talking about when it comes down to casting, ceremonies and other ritual. Is it daily, these rituals?

Going down here now. How many days of the week, month and year? How long at a session? How many sessions? How many rituals do you do?

Well, I don't know about you but I am getting out of mercury retrograde and want to make some serious planning happen, starting by cultivating the minds of those who desire to chase a little bit of mercury. Ironic, knowledge, we chase it and it chases us.

Let's give this thing a coined term; let's call it: ritualization. In my native tongue we have a word for this ritualization, but it is ritualization that has compassion. So, when and if you have the urge to put your input in, I want you to think if what you do is something that you enjoy doing?

I have to ask myself the same question, because my path when I practice generally has to be in secret, because of fear.

Honestly, I think we all have a little bit of a problem with this thing. It's not that I am secretive, but I need my space. From now on, time limits won't be compromised by the fear of muggles. One more time and say it: I won't let my time be dictated by the fear of muggles.

Changing the world one sentence at a time, encouraging fellow brothers and sisters of the light to think and do: priceless. My oak wand: 34.99. My singing bowl: 56.99. Actually, I'll stop right there, because the basic stuff I got is just plain expensive, but it will last for a long time. Doing all that I do that I can do at the point of my wand and with the scream of my voice: priceless.

Hearing what other kin may have to say: that is also priceless. Why do you practice your path, when and where? When I say where, I mean did you dedicate your neighborhood woods as a place for your rituals, or maybe even your dedicated ritual space is in your garage? Or it is your garage? You be the judge. -_-
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