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On Sigils
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Sigil Magick, in my opinion, is an easy type of spell casting to learn. It is a basic way to use one of the principles that makes magick work, intent! This is a run down ofthe system developed by Austin Osman Spare.

Sigils are symbols that are used to represent what we want, the same idea as an incantation in any other spell. There are no "wrong" sigils, as long as they are created by YOU and you alone.

We form our sigils from making a declaration of intent . I will show you the example in UD Fracter's "Practical Sigil Magic"


The delcaration of intent must be written in all capitals, it helps when forming the actual sigil. Next, we remove letters that appear more than once so that only one of each letter remains. Letters like W, E, and M can all be considered the same letter depending on which side it happens to be flipped on, so we only use one of those as well, unless you really want to reform the same letter over and over.


We are left with the following letters to work with:

T, H, I, S, M, Y, W, O, B, A, N, E, R, G, F.

The sigil is then created from these letters. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible, so we make one sigil for each part of our declaration of intent. After that, we combine all of the sigils into our finalized sigil.

To sigilize a word, just place your letters in interesting shapes. There are numerous stylizations and as long as it remains symbollic to you don't stress about making it perfect. While artistic ability is not required, you should still strive to make it your best if only for psychological reasons.

This is my wish:http://i.imgur.com/iJw4wd0.png

To obtain:http://i.imgur.com/ZBm8Qj9.png

The strength of a tiger: http://i.imgur.com/wqtiGYl.png

Combination of above sigils into final sigil:http://i.imgur.com/i0ythp2.png

The final sigil will probably take a few tries to construct, but once you have it it is now time to fixate it. This means drawing it on parchment or paper, in sand, on the floor with chalk, on the wall, etc. Formulating the sentence of desire (our declaration of intent) and forming the sigil should be done with utmost concentration !

After drawing or doing whatever you did to mark your sigil down, you need to internalize it into your psyche. Stare at that sigil like it is the most fascinating thing in the world! You can even draw it on a mirror with paint you can wash away, and stare at it that way. It helps to do this in a trace state! While in ectasy, fatigue, general relaxation- having a trance state will make the energy transfer of this process easier.

Once the sigil has been internalized, you need to forget about it. Destroy your fixation, whether this means burning paper or washing it off a mirror, etc. The sigil is activated when it leaves your conscious and moves into the subconscious where the desire can be acted out unhindered.

It can be helpful to some to carry around the sigil, in a paper in your pocket or engraved in a ring, but it is not necessary.

Protection circles, pentagrams, candles, crystals, and the like are all not necessary but if it helps with your intent manifestation then by all means go ahead.

Remember- you cannot bend the basic laws of reality with any kind of magic. Creating a sigil will not turn you into a vampire! ;)

Have fun and happy casting!

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Re: On Sigils
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Oh and the source that was used for most of this was UD Fracter's Practical Sigil Magic- great read and very informative on the subject.

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