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Don't Understand Dream

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Don't Understand Dream
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Don't Understand Dream
Post # 1
October 13,2013

It began in a home that was not my own. A quiet summer night. The home was mine but not the one I am living in now. The bedroom was large, almost victorian styling. The was glass doors in the room with white flowing curtain’s. I was stand in the room dressed in my night clothes, and in there with me was my boyfriend, who in my dream was my husband, he was in a suit, old style, also almost Victorian styling. We was just talking, having a disagreement of some sort, but though I was standing there it was as if the words was faded. I couldn’t hear them. I turned toward the doors to open them and saw a woman, young, maybe in her early 20’s, in a white gown, laying in the grass. There was no apparent marking on her body that I could see but I picked her up and took her inside and layed her on the bed. Tony was still standing there talking but again I couldn’t hear anything that was being said. I recall hear just one sentence, who’s that? I don’t know. She was in the grass. She is barely breathing and unconscious. Let her rest I said. I don’t know why I didn’t call the police, but I assume there was no phones. Within moments my niece, Alyssa, came to the bedroom door, I picked her up and laid her in the bed beside the woman. She was tired. But she didn’t go to sleep right away. Tony and I began to wonder what was going on. Where did this woman come from? Where did Alyssa come from? She didn’t live anywhere near us. This is when the words began to become a bit clearer for me. I suggested we step into a side room. This room didn’t seem to be there before in my dream, but was now. Before entering the room I saw a shadow on the wall, of a person, seemed to be a man, but could have been a woman, welding an axe. The woman awoke and she and Alyssa both started screaming Nanny Helga is going to kill us. Nanny Helga is going to kill us! Then the woman sat up and screamed Nanny Helga murdered me! She then disappeared! Just gone. Alyssa laid down and kept muttering to herself Nanny Helga is evil. She’s going to kill me. Thinking my mind was playing tricks on me I stepped into the side room with Tony, then we heard a loud THUMP at the door of this side room. We opened the door to see Alyssa’s head rolling on the floor. She had been decapitated by the person with the axe. Tony said it’s Helga, Nanny Helga. As I went to scream I woke up. Every time I would close my eyes it was almost as if I could see her. Helga. An older English woman. With an evil grin, dark dress, welding an axe. Screaming, waving the axe. She always had a child in front of her. A few times is was as if she was just watching me from the corner of my room. Finally I was able to go back to sleep. I don’t know if this was just a dream, or if the universe is telling me something. The time and placement, speech, clothing, styling, everything was old Victorian. So I think it the time frame in which this dream took place was in maybe the Victoria time frame. Any help in understanding this would be wonderful. Normally I can interpret my own dreams very well, but this one... idk I can't get it out of my head and I can't figure it out.

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Re: Don't Understand Dream
Post # 2
The loud thump on the door Alyssa's head had been thrown at the door hitting it hard.
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