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Meeting You...
Post # 1
I’ve been meaning to ask this intereseting question that’s been burning my mind for months now. I allowed the thought to silence it, but now I’m really curious. So, several years ago (I was 11; I’m currently 18 now) my mom told me something that altered my life. It tied to our immediate family. I have two sisters; one is my identical twin and the other is the oldest out of us three. But, back in the fifth grade that day, my mom confessed something quite shocking. I was meant to have another sibling. Before Ashley (oldest sister) was even conceived, my parents learned that they were going to have a child. Just barely a month into the pregenancy, my mom was at an outing when she felt like something was wrong.

She miscarried. My sibling’s name would have been Amanda or Matthew, depending on what the gender would’ve turned out to be. I know my sister or brother was hardly a fetus, but I’ve always wondered what my life would be like if he/she would have incarnated into what would have been their life. My question relates to my sibling’s soul. Is there any way I can connect with this being and find out why they didn’t stay?
Discussion anyone?
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Re: Meeting You...
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I don't believe they had a choice once conceived. But the body they were being born into was not healthy, or the mother's body had something bad going on and couldn't keep the pregnancy. But I too, wonder what it would have been like, as I have a mother to had 2 miscarries before me. We found out later that she couldn't carry boys, which we think came from my father having mumps as an adult. My parents were lucky to be able to have children at all, as having mumps as an adult can leave one infertile. But I do think about what it would have been like to have older siblings, and boys at that. lol
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Re: Meeting You...
Post # 3
I'm sorry to say that is almost impossible to contact your brother/sister. Considering the foetus was only a month old it highly unlikely that anyone could contact it. A soul that you can contact takes time to develop, meaning that the foetus soul wasn't fully formed, making it impossible to contact. Think about it, if you could contact the soul what could it possibly tell you being only a foetus ? I'm very sorry about your brother/sister also, may they rest in paradise.
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Re: Meeting You...
Post # 4
Thanks, guys! I've just naturally been curious for some time, but the concept of their soul not being fully formed makes sense. From a scientific perspective, my sibling's body wasn't healthy and died out very soon after conception. But, from a spiritual perspective, she (I think it would've been a girl xD)most likely decided that being in this physical family wasn't the right fit for her to grow in all ways.
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Re: Meeting You...
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Spell Suggestions.
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