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Blessing a House
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Our home is an extension of the whole of ourselves, it's important that we keep this immediate environment in a state of peace and good harmony. Just as we express ourselves in our homes, so can our environment have a profound effect on how we feel.

These notes are about blessing, but of course before you bless your home you need to cleanse it. Cleansing is on the most part a good physical and mindful scrubbing session with some good sounds on, but naturally there is more you can do. Personally I like to ring a loud bell and proclaim my intentions. Some people like to smudge, I don't do this because my landlord kindly filled every ceiling with smoke alarms.

So, blessings. There are many ways, many traditions.

I think this covers the skeleton of most paths. You can bless as a group of friends, as a faimly, or solitary. I work solitary because my family think I'm nuts. Blessing is an energiser after the cleansing. Cleansing clears away crappy energy, blessing brings in the positive and also serves as a shield. Energising is basically acting out positive intentions for you home and your family.

Below are five steps, from "Feng Shui Your Life" by Jayme Barrett, to create a harmonious house blessing.

"1. Set the tone by playing sacred music and ask everyone to stand in a circle. (If you're not solitary)

2. Welcome and thank your friends and family for being a part of this special occasion.

3. Light a pink candle (pink brings the energy of love and kindness) and pass it to each new person, who then shares a blessing.

4. You may also walk to different areas of the home stating specific intentions for each room as a way of consecrating it for a special purpose.

5. When the house blessing comes to an end, place the pink candle in the center of your home to burn for at least one hour. Open all East windows and doors to invite the life-giving energy of the rising sun into your home."

Before you do this, take out time to really focus on and invoke the positive intentions you want to put in your home. Making some set words to recite in each room, even specifying intention for individual rooms, will help a great deal.

For example, in a bedroom you will want safety and calm rest energy, and in a kitchen you might want joy, laughter, good health and high energy.

If you are theist, you may want to call on the blessing of your deity or deities. You can write a prayer.

While your pink candle is burning, take the time to meditate and persist with the energy you invoked. I think that burnng oils, resins or incense is a nice touch. I love that this starts an association so that you can access your blessing any time by using the same scent.

House blessings are not just for new homes, you can bless your home after every time you've cleansed it.

Wishing you much happiness, health, love and prosperity! :D

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