Circle casting

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Circle casting
Post # 1
How do you cast a circle? Yes, I know there are different ways to do it. And yes,I have read up on it and done research. But I've seen so many things. So I guess a lot of it depends on what on what path you follow,or religion.
In other words, what is your method? What works for you? I guess is what im trying
to ask. I know the basics. But its things like calling the quarters/invoking the watch towers. The four elements. What chant do you use when doing this? When opening and closing the circle? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I just want to make sure im on the right path of doing things the correct way. Even though I guess that could be a matter of opinion. Thanx in advance to anyone that offers helpful advice.
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Re: Circle casting
Post # 2
i actually do not cast circles at all, and have only ever casted a circle once. i do not find them necessary for most things.
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Re: Circle casting
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Not everyone cast's circles as Icyeye's says. There are some very good articles on the SOM website that can help you and also some video's. Akasha Wolf's video on the lesser banishment ritual of the pentagram is worth checking out ;)
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Re: Circle casting
Post # 4
ok, thanx guys. I was just under the impression that you needed one to have a better result from your spell work. Until I was told its nite for protection and containment. And that your will and intent is what's most important. Or your most powerful tool?
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Re: Circle casting
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Not all people cast circles.It is ot a hardcore requirement.However it is used as an aid in rituals and other spell work like everything else.As for the watch towers it is basically to deal with your own personal belief and what your purpose is for invoking the circle.
Casting a circle can be to cleanse a certain area in which to do a spell,for protection,making a holy place to speak/worship the divine and such.
The chants you use when invoking a circle clarify what the circle is for and the chant will differ from person to person and depending on the type of work being done.
If you truly want to give casting a circle a try start off with a circle for protection,call on whom ever you seek for protection. State by name your deity,element,angel etc and make your intentions known.
Remember however that you do not have to cast a circle it is not an obsolute that you do it.In magic you need to stick with what you are comfortable with and what works for you best.
Try casting a protection circle if you do not feel comfortable with casting circles after much practice then don't do them.
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Re: Circle casting
Post # 6
Yes not everyone casts circle
But I do it because I feel I protects me
Everybody has their own reason for things
You may feel you need one
You may not feel you need one
Blessed be :)
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