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Demonic Invocation ritual

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Demonic Invocation ritual
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This is an old journal entry of mine almost 7 years old that touches basis on the invocation of demons. This is my material, and hopefully it will give you an idea how to invoke demonic entities.

Sigil Magick
Becoming one with my God-self empowered me in ways that I cannot describe. If I was able to achieve such impressive results with The Bornless Ritual then I knew I could achieve similar results with other spirits. I had more pressing matters in my life that needed to be taken care of and I was in dire need to get back in touch with my two children. I soon found out that working with the many spirits of The Goetia in this form of magick works just as well as if you were going to evoke them. Using the power of invocation I worked extensively with King Bael, and he provided me with the answers I was looking for during this depressing time in my life.
When I left my ex I lost all contact with her and I wanted to establish a relationship with my two kids. Her family and friends refused to talk to me because of my satanic lifestyle and the only information I had to go on regarding her whereabouts was that she met someone on the internet and moved out of state with him. The state I was currently living in didn't help me whatsoever in finding them because due to paperwork I was not legally their father since they did not have my last name and my signature was not on either of their birth certificates. The only thing I could do was locate her and petition her for paternity in the county she was living in. How could I do this if her online accounts where set to private and no one would point me in the right direction in finding this person?
Previously working with The Goetia I knew that one of the spirits within that book could reveal this to me but I was stuck questioning myself who could take care of this difficult task? There were many spirits that seemed promising but I felt more drawn to King Bael then the others. I knew in my gut that if he can make people invisible to others then he must have the ability to reveal people who are invisible to you.
I set up the ritual and called upon him with the most pure intent of resolving this issue. As I focused on King Bael's sigil it began to disappear before me. His presence coiled up my spine like a serpent I felt as if he consumed all my doubts and worries. I became so docile and relaxed that it felt as if I took a sedative when his presence pulsated through me. The pain from this situation that I once felt was entirely gone and I was overwhelmed with the feeling that this situation would be taken care of. I didn't fully understand what I really accomplished until I went to bed later that night.
I had the most lucid dream anyone could ever have that night and with my surprise King Bael answered me. I found myself walking barefoot shuffling through thick black mud along a foggy meadow. I remember how the warm moist mud felt spongy between my toes as I took each step in this boundless swamp. Trying to make sense of this I continued trying to find my way out of this fog until I realized that I was no longer walking in mud but I was actually waist deep in water. As I stopped to reevaluate the situation the fog began to slowly trifle away. I started to notice the many fine details of the meadow I was lost in. As I peered past the many lily pads that where slowly blooming before me with vibrant pink flowers I noticed two round catlike eyes poking up out of the water gazing directly at me.
I found myself unable to move as these eyes got closer to me as they swiftly drifted through the murky water. Before I knew it I found myself face to face with a Goliath sized frog that sharply stared through me with it's hungering eyes. Being consciously aware in my dream I demanded to know who was before me. The frog morphed into the likes of an old man wearing a purple cloak, dressed in golden armor, that was bejeweled with amethysts and diamonds. He was wearing a large glistening crown with four resplendent crosses protruding from it. This wrinkly and frail looking old man spoke to me, and he said I have found what your looking for. After he morphed into this magnificent being before me I knew in all of my excitement and joy that King Bael is here before me.
As soon as he revealed himself before me we suddenly teleported to a location unknown to me. The first thing that hit me as I appeared in this gloomy hallway was the awareness of this place smelling like death. I looked around and realized I was in an old folks home. As we walked down this endless corridor he told me that I was misinformed about her leaving the state. He also said if I was to find her that I needed to find the hospice she was working at first. After he said this to me he vanished and I woke up from this crazy dream. I immediately recorded my dream in my dream journal and reviewed it later on that day.
I had no idea that she was working at a hospice because she never held a job the whole 7 years that we were together and I really believed that she left the state. After reviewing my dream journal I started looking up hospices in this state and turned up some surprising results. She actually was working at one and just recently received an award for her efforts at the place she was currently working at. They posted this on facebook and it turned up in a search when I looked up her name and hospice. I also found out that she was about 4 hours away from where I currently lived and now I could take a step in the right direction in getting these legal matters resolved in my life.
I was shocked with the results I turned up yet again using this form of magick. There is nothing in this world that is out of your reach if you let the demonic work through you. They will provide you with amazing results readily and speedily without you ever being dissatisfied. You can now begin to invoke demons with impressive results with the same ritual I used for King Bael.
Ritual of Demonic Invocation
Do the Banishing Ritual of the Four Crowned Princes and sit comfortably on the floor. Light two white or black candles on each side of you. Of course you going to want to light some incense in this simple ritual and make sure they smell pleasing. You want to draw your sigil on a piece of parchment paper in thick black ink and focus on it while you're sitting between the two candles. Breath in deeply and visualize what you want to achieve by working with this sigil.
While visualizing on your desire manifesting before you, you're going to focus on the sigil until you fall into a trance. The lines that are within the sigil are going to disappear and reappear. This is going to continue to happen until the sigil completely disappears and reappears. The sigil will continue to do this and the thick black lines are going to change colors and begin to glow before you. When this happens consistently your sigil has been charged and your ready to proceed to the next part of your ritual.
Focus on your sigil and call out to the spirit by saying, "In the names of the Four Crowned Princes, Satan, Lucifer, Belial, and Leviathan, please inspire spirit's name to manifest within me and fulfill my desire of the reason why your calling upon the spirit. Hear my call O thou spirit's name! Rise up in me spirit's name from the darkest corners of the abyss! I invoke thee!"
Afterwards continue to focus your gaze on the sigil of the entity that your invoking. Steady your breath as you visualize the black shadowy essence of this spirit enter in your body as you breath in. Feel the spirit's presence rise up in you while focusing on it's sigil. You may feel a bit overwhelmed with the spirits essence taking over your body becoming a part of you. Don't fear this, embrace it and meditate on the spirit you invoked and ask him or her to take care of what your desired end may be at that time. Visualize this spirit carrying out what your intent may be at this time. The spirit may give you the answer through telepathy at this point in the ritual or appear to you in a dream as Bael did for me. When you are finished working with the spirit, politely ask him or her to depart and close the ritual with The Banishing Ritual of the Four Crowned Princes.

I have another addition to this regarding evocation. If your interested in reading it let me know and I'll post it.
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