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Angrboda: Warrior Giant

Forums ► Norse Paganism ► Angrboda: Warrior Giant
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Angrboda: Warrior Giant
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1

Angrboda: Mother of Wolves

Angrboda is a Giantess who is known by many different kennings throughout the Eddas, most notably Mother of Monsters, Hag of the Iron Wood, Mother of Wolves and Chieftan of the Iron Wood. Unfortunately, most who read the lore will only remember her for her marriage to Loki and the production of several offspring by him. While important, Angrboda is known for much more than that. Angrboda is called the Hag of the Ironwood, to infer that she is a wisewoman and often seen as a priestess, sorceress and seer- not unlike the volva. She holds the title of Chieftan among the Iron Wood jotunfolk, and also Chief of the Wolf Clan (one of many tribal clans within the Iron Wood jotuns). She is a very ferocious warrior, fiercely protective mother and strong-willed independent Giantess.

While she is known to be one of Lokis wives, Angrboda views Loki as her consort and not the other way around. She is very independent of Loki, especially since Loki went on to marry Sigyn and live with her after they produced offspring. While its not uncommon for deities to have several spouses (within the jotunfolk at least), Angrboda doesnt seem to get along well with Sigyn simply due to the fact that Sigyn comes from Aesir blood- and Angrboda represents some of the deepest, wildest jotunblood.

She has three aspects to her: the mother, maiden and crone. Her motherly aspect is one of her most known qualities. In retrospect, Angrboda is mother to all, or nearly all, of the deities associated with the Rokkr pantheon. With Loki, she birthed Hel (the Goddess of Death), Jormungandr (the Midgard Serpent) and Fenrir (The Wolf of Destruction). Further on in lore, she consorted with Fenrir to birth him two wolf-sons (Skoll and Hati). In her own respective way she is very much like a Mother Goddess- but one who loves with an unprecedented ferocity, who is beyond fiercely protective of her kin. When the Gods take her children from her and disperse them throughout the realms, she becomes chaotically angered and despairs.

Working with Angrboda

Working with Angrboda can be difficult. She is very stubborn. If she decides that she dislikes you, she will simply not work with you- and there is nothing you can do to bribe her into it. She tends to be attracted to people who are willing to work hard and sacrifice something for a cause. She is attracted to bizarre appearances, and disabilities (as many Jotunfolk from the Iron Wood look crippled or deformed). She does not have much patience for emotional concerns, and is often very stoic and cold-natured. She tests the will and limitations of those who honor her. Working with Angrboda can have its benefits, however, and is often worth the hard work. As mentioned, she was a priestess, sorceress, and seer. Angrboda is a good deity to work with if you are interested in pathwalking, divination, trance-work and so on. Id definitely recommend her as a deity to learn Berserkergang from, as she personifies the blunt force of anger and the passion of a warrior.

Because of her strong nature and feminism-views, Angrboda serves as a good role model for female shamans, female magickal practiconers, seers, shamans, women in leadership positions, etc. She is also very understanding and protective of those who are crippled physically, as she determines strength by the will and spirit of a person and not their physical abilities. She is one of the deities that is associated with sex magick, but her role in that is not something I can openly discuss here in the forums. :) Angrboda is also associated with the hunt, and may be good to call upon for better luck when hunting.

As she is a Jotun, blood is a good place to start when giving her an offering. Other things you can offer to her include: dark or hardened breads, strong alcoholic drinks, red meats, mead, animal parts, something symbolic of wolves (perhaps fur, or teeth). Red/black candles and cloth work for her as well. Physical labor or strenuous work is often a way to honor Angrboda. Hunting, playing a sport or otherwise proving your prowess in some kind of warrior-like activity is a good way to grab her attention. Likewise, proving your heart, will and endurance, your work ethic, is an even better way to honor Angrboda. I would suggest getting to know her three children, and even Loki, if you are intending to get to know Angrboda. She is very protective and accepting of those who are close to those she cares about, thus, getting into her pack is likely the best way to get her to work with you.


Jotunbok by Raven K
The depths of my brain.
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Re: Angrboda: Warrior Giant
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I was looking thru my local methaphysical store about a month ago, and while looking for Jotunbok, I came across a book called "The Norse Goddess'". I flipped thru it and there is a chapter on The Giants, and the chapter is completely taken away with Angrboda. Having some of the same ideas you have written here. Great yet again...
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Re: Angrboda: Warrior Giant
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Yep! Angrboda is sadly forgotten, as she isn't one of the main Aesir and she comes from Jotunheim. But she's just as important as any other Goddess, Giant or not. I certainly view her as a strong feminine figure in my practice.

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Re: Angrboda: Warrior Giant
Post # 4
Another great article, Miss.

I've tired, www.northernpaganism.org , but my server can't find it. Has anyone else, had this trouble?

~ Never Lost
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Re: Angrboda: Warrior Giant
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

And now I'm starting to understand a bit more why I attracted her attention.

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