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Get somebody talk to you

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Get somebody talk to you
Post # 1
Alright everybody, so I'm looking for a spell to attract the people you want to talk to you to you so you don't have to always make the first move, just in case they don't like me. It's because sometimes I want to talk to these cool people I either meet online or in real life but I'm shy so I never get to talk to them. So does anybody know any spells for this?
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Re: Get somebody talk to you
By: / Novice
Post # 2
The element Air is great for communication spells. You could call apon the element and ask it to help clesr up thw lines of communication on both ends . You could also take and (sounds silly but works) take bubbles and say something along the lines of 'bring te conversation to me'. As you imagine what you wantnto happen in yiur mind, blow bubbles. As they pop it is power goig into your spell.
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Re: Get somebody talk to you
Post # 3

Hello heylingirl13,

There are many symbolic representations in magic which you can use to draw people to yourself and encourage them to communicate with you.

Even though it helps and it is effective, you must remember that it is still not enough. You, as an individual person, have to try improving yourself socially and do your best to communicate with others (it doesn't mean you always have to make the first move) - however, it is necessary to develop tact, communicative and social skills.

Anyway, you asked for a magical solution.

I will tell you about a method I have been using for several years and it certainly helped me open up socially and draw new people to me.

1) Magnets - magnets represent attraction. It is symbolically used at rituals of "drawing" what you will to you - which is why it can help you attract people and 'draw' them to you.

So, you can:

- Charge a magnet with your energy. You can chant something in order to bless the magnet.

-Then, you can put the magnet in your bag/pocket and carry it everywhere you go.

The magnet will attract new people and probably also people who have been surrounding you already.

Note: you can use your imagination and do other things with magnets. You can even choose another item which represents attractiveness for you, it will be just as useful and effective.

2) Sugar bags - Sugar represents sweetness, just as it tastes. Symbolically using sugar can:

A. Attract people who are full of sweetness (meaning they're nice, warm and very welcoming).

B. Sweeten up behaviour towards you from people who surround you.

You may do the following:

- Take a small cloth and fill it up with sugar. Then, tie it up.

-You charge the item with positive energies and bless it, wishing for the best and hoping to get new opportunities for life. You may choose to develop it and chant something nice to express your intention, interests and your true motives.

- You can carry it in you bag/pocket and take it wherever you go in order to sweeten things up and attract new people to you.

In addition to that, you may do the same thing with other items that symbolize attraction, communication and sweetness for you - it is all up to you.

Do not be afraid to be creative, it will only make what you try out more effective and advantageous.

In conclusion, you can magically aid yourself while you still have to develop decent social and communicative skills.

I hope you get what you need.

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Re: Get somebody talk to you
Post # 4
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