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Different planes & obe

Forums ► Astral Projection ► Different planes & obe
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Different planes & obe
Post # 1
I have had a lot of weird experiences but I'll just mention two, the first was a while ago, I know all about sleep paralysis but it comes nowhere near to that, so I'm in bed, so sleepy but every time I try to sleep I start the whooshing in my ears, my body vibrating, a sense of if I let it go any further I'll be out of control. This is usually how it starts whether SP or OBE, this time I decided to relax and let it happen, what was unusual is that I did not exit my physical body (sometimes its a struggle, like moving through glue to 'get out' and other times I just pop out)that I remember, but next thing I was in space sat on a wall, about 5ft long, a younger boy was sat next to me and we were talking about how beautiful it was, I had questions and he was answering but frustratingly; I cannot remember much except being told we were doing something not many get to do, I wish I had written it down soon as I opened my eyes.
The second started as always and I got into a standing position, my bedroom looked normal then began to change to a rather dim lit room with dark purple walls, I knew what was happening and felt 'other-worldly' yet real,I walked out the door & was at the end of a corridor, I passed rooms that had one or more people in, I stopped at one and watched a girl about 10-ish in age, she was walking around a metal frame of a hospital trolley, like the ones that take you to theatre, she was running her finger around the edge of it, there was no acknowledgement from her.
I could see a bigger busy room that was brightly lit so I made for there, it was were you went to eat, but clinical and basic, a little dire too, automatically I took a tray, a girl in her twenties was just in front of me, they were dishing out cabbage in water (?) She said to me 'It isn't real cabbage, that's why there's no smell' I asked where I was but got no reply, then she came out with 'They save the good stuff for them up there!' and gestured upwards with her head and eyes. I wanted to stay and ask anything and everything but I felt the most strange, very hard tug from my chest, pulled backwards faster than I can describe. I sat up immediately, in bed, but wide awake? I know my dream scripts (if you understand what I mean) but I had the obe before-hand and this felt so different and 'realistic'. I'm still wondering who "them up there" are. Thanks if you read this, sorry it was so long. It's just hard to describe! :)
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