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im a newbie!

Forums ► Introduce Yourself ► im a newbie!
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im a newbie!
Post # 1
hello! my name is nusha and of course m a newbie to this site =).i want to learn how to use magic but i dont know where to start or who to talk to. is there any pointers on where to begin. thank you ! =)
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Re: im a newbie!
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Read the newbie section articles, to start out. I'm sure someone can provide a link.

My advice to you is this. If you came hoping to learn how to shoot fire and lightning from your hands, you will be disappointed. Magick works with science (and by connection, Law). It does not defy it.
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Re: im a newbie!
Post # 3

Welcome to Spells of Magic,

Well I would suggest reading about the subject "Magic" more. Then I would learn how to at least meditate (you can learn most of the basics in "Newbie Central" which is located on "Home" page.)

Meditation in brief

You don't have to meditate while siting in criss-cross position (like you see on monk movies). You may lay on a bed or on a sofa, all that matters is that you are comfortable. Then you even your breathe, some people inhale tell the count of two or ten, then exhale tell the same number. Relaxing your body is the main hard part. You body is going to want to twich.


If you go to many of the forums they refer "Negative" magic as "Black" magic and "Positive" magic as "White" magic. In my view it's the spell casters intent that makes it negative or positive, but that is just me, you may have your own views. Energies are all around you. They remain neutral until you effect it (which means influence it).

Well anyways onto the topic, you may also want to view the "Articles" section of the site and click on the "Survival Guide" it will tell you more about this site. If you want to the Public and Coven chatter, you must do a "Quiz" of sorts, and be careful read them carefully there is a tricky one in there.


In case you are looking to create a coven, I am sorry but Petrarca (Owner) has taken that option off for now. There are plenty of covens, and there are some inactive covens. Please remember in order to Apply for a inactive coven your must have been on here for at least 3 months.

Spell Casters: This is a coven without a priest or priestess on purpose. You can automatically join and be set as council. Remember in order to place spell and articles on this site you must be in the council position. Most covens will ask you to send in a appliction (application information will be held on the coven's page) to the priest or priestess.

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Re: im a newbie!
Post # 4
well thank you witch1996.thats a good insight of what you told me. you seem you have everything under control and know what you talk about. i just started to meditate and for starters it is hard when you have a lil neise around lol but i am trying though and it is helping me to relax for a while so thank you fo rthe help =)
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Re: im a newbie!
Post # 5
well thank you for replying as well as your input mr. seeroftruth...i dont understand the physics of magic and i just want to learn more of it and especially when it comes to candles. im planning to buy some books here and learn from it=)
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