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Fake Spells
Post # 1

Many people come onto this site looking for spells to make them into something they are not. This article will tell you why those spells do not work.

Okay as you see on the television that these witches or wizards become animals or mythical beings with just words. Well here in the real world we can not change our physical appearance. It goes against the " Laws of Nature ". Our DNA can not be changed by using magick, not even science can change our DNA successfully with out injecting some type of infection. Incase you do not understand here are a list of some of the stuff you can't become;

  • Becoming a Vampire.
  • Becoming a Werewolf.
  • Becoming a Fairy.
  • Becoming a Dragon.
  • Becoming a Demon.
  • Becoming a God/ess.
  • Becoming a animal (only can happy in astral form).
  • Growing magickally.
  • Changing eye color.

There are more but that will take like a whole page just to write that all. You will also have to beware of the fire spells, you can not make fire do what you want. You can not shoot fireballs out of you hands. Nor can you make a person pregnant using magick. You make them have a chance of getting pregnant but you will have to make a effort (doing you business with her).

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Re: Fake Spells
Post # 2
If you use common sense, intelligence, and maturity you can decipher fact from fiction with ease. Elementary.

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Re: Fake Spells
Post # 3
I wish that some people would get the hang of it, but what are you going to do? It's impossible but an awesome dream.
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Re: Fake Spells
Post # 4
It stems from a desire to be something greater, which I feel we should all be able to understand. To some this life is just not enough. I know it is rather frustrating at times. It is nice of you to post this though. Some may learn from it while others will just ignore it. For those that do, try to have faith that one day their delusions will come to an end and they will learn to be happy with the life they have. ~Angie
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Re: Fake Spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Well I thinnk you can shape your astral form into almost anything. And really to be a god iis more or less based on how people look at you; so technically speaking you COULD be a god if people are become convinced they want to worship you or some such for some reason. So kind of possible, but not in the literal sense.
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Re: Fake Spells
Post # 6
Thanks for your time, in posting this.

Personally, the "fantasy" section of the spell book, should be done away with.

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Re: Fake Spells
Post # 7
Yeah, I see your point. It's much more simple to buy contacts if you can use them and can afford them. Casting a spell incorrectly can be dangerous, and drinking a potion with the wrong words or wrong ingredients is even more dangerous. I think, right?
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