To Cast a Spell

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To Cast a Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 1

Okay some people believe just saying rymes will work to cast a spell. Well spells themselves take energy, not words, so the words do not matter. You visualization matters the most. You must be able to place emotion and imagination into it to make a successful spells. The tools like;

  • Alter
  • Wand
  • Candles
  • Ingridients
  • incense
  • hair

or many other combonations are not necessarily needed, they are there to just help make your spell powerful, do not be in a rush when creating or casting a spell. It takes patients and as they say "Patients is a vertue". If a spell doesn't work just think of what could of gone wrong, maybe you didn't visualize very good, or maybe you didn't think about the outcome. Or maybe the spell just doesn't work, in that case just redo your spell. It could take months to make a successful spell, but as I said before patients.

To cast a spell you must be able to do the following;

  • Imagine (This is to help the energy inside you know what you want.)
  • Belief (Without this you will not mean any spell you cast)
  • Focus (Without this you can't focus on the what you want this spell to do and what the outcome of the spell is.)
  • Knowing the fake and real spells.

Without one of these the spell wont work. I will tell you some exercises to help you on some of these;

  • Meditation- This will help you become more peaceful and more focused, in order to do this you must keep a clear mind. To find your energy focus on a glow in a chest, that grows all around you. You must also feel this glow.
  • Knowing the fake and real spells, this one has been debated on for quite sometime. Real spells are love, money, luck, curses, and many more, but there are spell like Transformation spells, that are not real, so many others as well.

Please know that casting a spell is hard, yes candle magick is the easiest to do, but the spells can be hard to visualiz.

Casting a spell already written

Well most people on this site like using spells are created by another member, well there are many advanteges, but also many disadvantages of doing so, you have a chance of the spell not working, or you not doing the spell correctly. As I say doing your own spell you will be the one to be able to make that emotion of your own that powers the spell, and you will know what you want your outcome to be. Using another persons spell, you wouldn't what was his or hers intent. I wouldn't try to use spell that are from the "Fantasy" category on here, they are always 99.9% fake. There are many of fake spells in the other categories.

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Re: To Cast a Spell
Post # 2
The best tool is yourself. End of conversation.
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