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Divinination: scrying

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Divinination: scrying
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Divinination: scrying
Post # 1
To makes your own scrying vessel. 1.get a picture frame with a non scratched surface. 2.put a black piece of paper in the frame cut the paper to the right size. 3.clean the surface with a soft cloth.

Steps to scrying. 1. Allow yourself to sink into a relaxed state open your eyes to regard the glass, crystal, sphere or Other "speculum"

2.look within the glass, ignoring any reflections or points of light in its surface. Sink within it. Forming the question in mind. In a while, you will find that the glass seems to cloud over, or become dim. Through the mist, a dark patch may appear.

3.you might find yourself sinking into this dark patch, then pictures, signs, numbers words or other symbols may appear before you. This will probably not happen in the first experiments you will peform but will gradually master this ancient and very valuable skill

Scrying is not a skill you can learn aoutomatically. Like riding a bike or swimming, there is a knack to it and it takes time, practice and concetration. A common mistake in beginners is that they try to hard, which only creates tensi?n. PS. Dont give up and try to stay relaxed Count your breathing and get in a medative state so you can recieve.

Also make a magic circle of tealights or salt while you do scrying to avoid truamatizing experience or negative visions.

I hope this was helpful Well met.
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Re: Divinination: scrying
Post # 2
I used black glossy spray paint. It looks darker and it can be used for larger frames, when there isn't paper the size you need.
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Post # 3
This dowsing basics;
First you will need a pendulum in my experience brass is good for starters, but some can not buy them. 1: Make your own out of clay. 2: use an unused key or bolt or ring you don't plan on wearing. You need to cleanse these, cleasing can be be done many ways but if you made your pendulum out of air dry clay dont put it in water. Instead get a little cup of salt and seperate one with black pepper, put the pendulum in the pepper first visulizing the dark pepper asorbing negative from your item let it set for 20 seconds then put it in the salt visulizing radient energy bieng put into your tool.
Now for the fun as a Beginner I strongly advise avoidingsceptics for your learning with dowsing because it will only lead you to insecurities and lack of progressprogress. To bond to your pendulum you need to know how its going to react to you. Hold your pendulum in the position(i have a picture of this in my public gallery or look up how to hold a pendulum.) Be calm and feel the wieght of your pendulum and ask it to show you it's yes response and if dosn't move don't be discouraged nudge it and ask it again whats your yes response for some it swings back and forth and others it goes clockwis then once you know what yes is go on to find out what no is, it will be vice versa to the yes position. Now testit hide something in your room and get your pendulum out say, am I ready. If it goes into its yes position continue and ask, is (hidden object) near me if i go right then say left and its niether its in front or behind. But remember you know where its at your training you and your pendulum. Test it get closer to the object, yo make things more accurate while your looking for something or asking a question think in your
Mind I wonder where it's at/I wonder what it's going to be then after you ask say, is this the truth. I hope this helps get you started, read up on it more and learn how to use tablets and maybe/wrong question responses. Also the key to dowsing is asking the right .. which im still learning. Hope this helps you message me if you want to know more about dowsing.

Well met
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