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Basic Spells for a Newbie

Forums ► Introduce Yourself ► Basic Spells for a Newbie
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Basic Spells for a Newbie
Post # 1
Does anyone have the top 10 spells and rituals that you would reccomend me?
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Re: Basic Spells for a Newbie
Post # 2

Having no idea what you have practiced or what you know, my response will be based on the fact you called yourself a newbie

Those that are new to the craft are often cautioned against spell or ritual work. You should learn about the craft before you are so keen on casting. This is a wide practice with many variables, dos and don'ts and a host of misinformation.

Learn your basics, these differ from path to path so I will list a few only. Meditation, visualization, centering and grounding, energy manipulation, moon phases, termnology, and correspondences. For further study and practice, work with casting a circle, creating a spell, and learn the process of a ritual. These will not set you up to know what to cast or how, but they do teach you a bit about the path.

In Wicca, and other paths, it is advised for the new 'student' to study for a year and a day. This has many reasons behind it. It makes sure you are dedicated to what you are doing, it gives you ample time to learn and ask questions, and it teaches you patience. Now, those are my reasons why this is a good practice.

You can jump right in and do what you choose to do. You have free will. You will pay the consequences of your actions. If you do think you have gotten yourself in trouble, and that is likely, you will be left to clean up the mess or at least figure out what went wrong. Magick is not a cure all, it is not a first response, and it is not for showing off.

Magick is serious business. It requires much from the caster. It should be a last resort, or at the very least near the bottom of the list of things to use. Magick has many aspects that are not found in the spells or rituals. It is a process that must be experienced and contemplated before it is used.

Spells work best when you know what you are doing and why. You must also have faith in your ability and work. Rituals are a process that have distincitve parts that should not be skipped because you don't understand the reason for it or because you can't be bothered to do it. Neither of these things will make you beautiful, loved, appreciated, respected, popular, healthier, smarter, or powerful. The list of what magick can not do for you is long and you should learn about it as well.

Magick can make you feared, dispised, untrusted, and get you into trouble. The last is mostly true if you are a minor and your parents do not approve. I suggest that any minor interested in this path study until they are an adult (18 years of age) and living on their own. I feel this is best as I don't condone disrespecting of parents, I am one.

If you have done all of that this question will be irrelevant to you.



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