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'Colored' Magic

Forums ► Misc Topics ► 'Colored' Magic
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'Colored' Magic
Post # 1
Alright guys time to have a talk. Magic itself is not colored. Magic is energy and much like that of 'normal' energy it can be used with a variety intentions.(Ex. A nuclear power plant vs. a nuclear bomb (yes this is an extreme example)) What colors the magic is your intention. So by saying, "I want to practice white magic," What you really mean is I mean well with the energy I send out, or vice versa with saying, "I want to use black magic," You are saying my intentions are bad(bad being decided by you. you know if you are doing the 'right' thing or not). Also, know that not all intentions are black and white in whole. Sometimes we do wrong things for the right things (I direct you to most any 'mythological stories' about Loki)or doing good things for bad reasons (generally found under the backstabbing category). What all this means? Not everything bad is wrong and not everything good is right.Its a matter of perspective. How it affects you as a witch? It means you don't have to feel like a bad person for using 'black' magic to defend yourself in all situations. Just use your common sense and what's right, in your opinion.
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Re: 'Colored' Magic
Post # 2
whats right in my opinion is using half of white and black magic because in many ways this can protect yourself and help others in a time of need. Truly i do not think there is a right or wrong in magic unless for a example a magical user uses magic to hurt innocent people for no reason thats wrong. Blessed Be ^-^
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Re: 'Colored' Magic
Post # 3
That would be grey magic.Also, this would be interesting for any path seeking 'balance' in the fact that one would gain and lose or help and inflict pain, but when attempting to 'balance' you'd need to consider both the positive and negative aspects and how far-reaching they'll be. Remember very few things affect a single person, if any. To get back to the point, magic in itself is not colored, but simply energy. Our intentions which we imprint upon the energy colors it. It's like a coloring page there are near infinite ways to do it and many different colors to do it in, but in the end the page itself was not a color (ignoring the out line lol)
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Re: 'Colored' Magic
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I would consider magic to be like a mirror/clear piece of glass.It has no color its just clear and will only have color when an object is close to it.Then a person will say that the mirror or glass is the color of the object and they won't be wrong for it is so until the object is moved and the mirror or glass maintains its colorless state.
The intention the person has is what gives rise to the type of energy they are sending out.It is their intention that makes the caster's magic black or white.For without any of the caster's intention without anyone calling on the energies of the earth to influence it in a manner they would like,without us here doing magic it would have no color just as the glass or mirror.
We influence it all whenever we do magic and it changes to suit our needs at the given time just as putting different colored objects in front of a mirror or glass.

Okay so that is my lovely thought that I just had.Its my personal opinion and I look forward to reading every-ones thought on this since its a very popular topic and all.

Brightest blessings to all
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