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What does this mean?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► What does this mean?
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What does this mean?
Post # 1
I had a dream a while back and lately its been on my mind, and I have this feeling of certainty that it means something.

In this dream I was a tall thin pale girl with waist-length straight black hair, and Long smokey black and grey wings (In reality I'm a tallish, caramel colored girl with longish, curly, dark brown hair).
In the dream I never saw the ground or the sky, Every where above and below us were thick puffy clouds that where tinged with deep gold and yellow like they where lit from behind by some kind of yellow moon or something that produced an equally weak light (the light in the dream was almost a sunrise type shade and that was the brightest it ever got).

In the dream me and my dream family (they all looked like me, pale black hair, some long some short, and I could feel that they were related to me) Were all clinging to the side of this massive black stone/rock and the way we were position we looked a bit like bats.

The second part of this was there was a boy who was not in my family who I was deeply in love with, he looked like most of us except he had a slight tan and his hair was dark brown. He came to me at my perch on the rock (I think we (the people slinging) were on watch or sentry duty) and without words asked me to come with him. I think we spoke through emotions and not telepathy because no once in the dream were there any words at all. Anyway I went with him and we were flying slowly but still trying to get away from something, when suddenly My family and his showed up and I instinctively knew they both had no intention of allowing us to be together.

I remember knowing that the two families (mine and his) had a long animosity toward each other.

The last part of the dream was him and I holding hand and side by side looking at our families with trepidation and determination, like we were preparing to fight for whatever we had been trying to get to.

*The weirdest part of the dream was that I had never seen any of the people before in my life including 'myself', but I still felt like I knew them and had a strong bond with some of them them...

Does anyone know what it means? Any advice at all would be helpful.
But if you're just going to say "It's only a dream" It's not. I know what a normal dream feels like, and this was not it. It honestly felt like I had stepped into another world for a time. d when I woke up the dream still stuck in my mind. I know it mean something. Please help me figure it out.

-Thank you, Liza
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Re: What does this mean?
Post # 2
It could be from a past life. Either way, it was very interesting to read, and I wish you luck on figuring it out.
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Re: What does this mean?
Post # 3
Idylla could be right about it being a past life. also maybe it has to do with a future life you will live. or it could be that one day you will meet these people or people in the same situation and that the reason you're getting this is because you're supposed to help them with there problem. i'm not sure but I believe it it be one of these reasons.
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Re: What does this mean?
Post # 4
Thank you guys, both of those answers are very helpful. :)
The only weird part is that everyone in my dream had WINGS.... That's the thing that throws me off. Ever single person had large dark wings.
If this was a dream of a past life... then what WAS I??
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Re: What does this mean?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
If it was a past life you could have been one of the angels who carried a meteor to this planet or it could have been a dream a past life had.
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