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Name: LizaValkyrie
Gender: Female
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Hey,I'm Liza.
I'm 5'7 girl with Dark Brown Hair and, Black eyes.
I'm Nocturnal, in the sense that being up during the day never feels quite right. I crave the night air,and the moon is always a loving companion on my midnight adventures.
My favorite flower is a type of rose that is naturally a deep purple, almost black color.
I am a Pyro-Enthusiast, meaning I enjoy fire (looking at, playing with it, Fire-dancing Etc).
I'm also a very affectionate person, at times, I adore cuddling and hugs.
I'm also the type of person that will dance in the rain, swim skyclad at night, and take long walks to Absolutely No Where, with not a care in the world about what others will think of me.
I'm honestly just a pretty serene, calm person. I like to help people and I enjoy making new friends.
That's all, bye for now.
NOTE: LilyValkyrie is new to this site, she is my sibling. Anyone who sees the please make her feel welcome and treat her with respect.
Chakra Test
Third Eye: (38%)
Soothing Tea (Best during winter nights)
About 2-3 cups of milk
1 1/2 tablespoons of Vanilla extract
1/4 cup of sugar
1 bag of chai tea
Pour the milk in a small pot set to low/medium heat
Wait 2-3 minutes and add vanilla
Add sugar and mix
After a minute or so test the mixture, if its warm enough to burn slightly add the teabag.
let it sit for about two minutes then take it off the element and let the tea continue to steep for as long as you want.
Pout into mug and enjoy
(change to fit you taste thats just how I did it)