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Broom Closet Suggestions

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Broom Closet Suggestions
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Broom Closet Suggestions
Post # 1
I've read the Broom Closet Solutions article and after thinking a little on the subject (as I myself am considerably in the broom closet for the sake of my relationship; her family is pretty dead set on one practice and they would definitely be uncomfortable learning I consider myself a witch), I came up with another helpful bit.

This mainly concerns tools and items like wands and athames and such.

In my experience, you don't need a specifically crafted wand for magic. I prefer using a staff, and my staff is simply a flagpole I've drawn a triquetra on and cast my own personal blessing/enchantment and binding (to make it especially mine) spells on.

Since anything from a pencil to a chopstick could be used as a wand, it's very easy to have something like this in plain sight and no one would ever think of it as a tool of witchcraft. Use your imagination and use whatever you want if having "an official, specially crafter, one of a kind magic wand" isn't important to you. Magic is about the results, not how it's done, so it really shouldn't matter so much.

Swords and athames are easy enough to keep around the house if you're a collector, but if you aren't, it's easy enough to carve one out of wood, buy a cheap toy knife/sword, or use a knife that's already around the house like a steak knife.

For altar cloths and some ritual wear like sarongs, you could easily hang them on your wall or door like a decorative tapestry until needed. Most are very artistic and make beautiful covers for end tables and desktops.

These are just a few examples I've thought of as a way to hide things in plain sight. Hope this info is as helpful to others as it has been to me.
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Re: Broom Closet Suggestions
Post # 2

It's all about being resourceful and creative. If you can be, then remaining in the Broom Closet will be a breeze. Great suggestions, I love the idea of hanging alter clothes and ritual wear as decorations. They would make great table cloths (as long as they're not in danger of getting stained) or as a decorative piece for a bare wall.I'm glad you enjoyed my article and that it sparked some creative interest. ^_^

Brightest blessings, and good luck with the relationship!

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Re: Broom Closet Suggestions
Post # 3
You could do all the things you posted, or just come out of the dark broom closet, or put all of your mystic supplies in a hidden space. Who if cares people know its not like they are going to hang you. And if you cant be yourself around them than don't be around them.
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Re: Broom Closet Suggestions
Post # 4

Coming out of the Broom Closet is something that needs to be thought out and well planned beforehand. There are a lot of consequences to coming out, both good and bad, such as being disowned, ridiculed, isolated, bullied, slandered, etc.

And truth be told, there are some places where you can still be seriously injured for being a witch. Although it may be illegal, it won't necessarily stop people from harming you. They could also emotionally hurt you, or prevent you from getting a job or shopping at certain stores. It's a very serious decision for many people.

Also, why tamper with good relationships by taking on the attitude of "be yourself or don't be around them." I'm gay and have friends who are homophobic so I respectfully don't tell them that part about me. If they don't ask, then there is no need to tell. Then I get to live my gay life and we are still friends.

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Re: Broom Closet Suggestions
Post # 5
Exactly. Even though I give that piece of advice out often, especially to my younger friends dealing with bullies, I only say it when I know the situation and have weighed the benefits and risks beforehand. In my opinion, something like this still has much more risk to it than benefit, so this is a situation in which it would be best not to tell, even if you may feel the reason of saving your current or future relationships (friendships or otherwise) is selfish and/or wrong.

It's true that true friends would accept you no matter what, but people can easily be swayed and influenced by others, especially if it's a parent or someone else they hold with authority and respect. For instance, if my girlfriend's family found out I'm bi, they wouldn't want anything to do with me, thereby forcing her to leave me. Her family loves me like one of their own, but to change their minds on a dime like that shows how easily one disagreement in views can change lives.
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