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Name: ReaverBishop
Birthday: Feb 11 1992
Location: New Jersey
Gender: Male
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I've been interested in many forms of magic, psionics, energy work, etc., and even visited this site a few times in the past. One spell I've tried from another site left me with a slightly embarrassing wound and one of my hopes is to find something to help remedy the situation. More importantly, I'm here to try on a new life. For once, immerse myself into something worthwhile and interesting. This community feels right to me. Feels right for me. So much so, I've decided to cast off my "regular" life and name when dealing with this new world. I beg welcome to this family, as I've already begun to accept it as mine. I'm a friendly person, but get me miffed and you'll not see me as such, if at all. I like helping people and hate when people are in pain of any kind. I've been told I'm primarily an empath according to one set of teachings I've studied. I try to radiate happiness and peace at all times. I currently stand as an omnist, believing in all religions and practices, but Wicca seems to draw me in for some reason. Perhaps my constant belief that I have some strong connection to the moon. One of my main interests is learning about healing in all forms, from potions to chakras to reiki to charms and anything and everything else. I've started my grimoire, but so far it's pretty empty. I like to use a staff I made from a flagpole when I do anything I feel has to do with magic and energy. I like anime and manga. I tend to ramble sometimes, but most of it is still worthwhile to sit through. I used to be like some of the younger people who get into stuff like this, but now I've grown and I take it seriously.