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Great Non-Toxic products!

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Great Non-Toxic products!
Post # 1
Because I'm long winded, here's the deal simplified without all the extra words below:

Membership to buy great Non-toxic products, great prices, delivered to your door, business opportunity, start like I did for $1, NOT a pyramid thing, well established company of 27yrs with an A+ rating with the BBB. Buy the products you want to buy anyway, take care of Mother Earth, share with others to help take care of Mum even more, make some extra money or just enjoy the products. I have never done an at home business thing like this but I looked into it and its a no brainer for me. Just the products are worth it for me... everything else is a bonus. I'm sharing this with my family on here so you can get great non-toxic products for good prices, and maybe make money doing it too!

I want to tell you upfront that this thread (for me) is to get others interested in products that are non-toxic and healthy for our environment. I love our Mum (Mother Earth), and learning about how the products that we use affects the environment and the nature that I have such a love and appreciation for, it has really sent me on a journey to seek out the best (safe for Mum but ones that actually work good too) products to use. I thought that by going to the regular chain stores I could find what I was looking for... but there really isn't much out there, what IS out there is pricey and I don't know if the products really are non-toxic or even work.

Well, it turns out that my girlfriend was the one who happened upon the perfect solution for us. (She is big on using bleach and other harsh products as long as it cleans really good so my idea of using things without bleach or non toxic chemicals was a hard sell. She just wants things CLEAN... like obsessively clean.) These products are great, they are good enough to make her happy and thats saying alot. She found these great products in an ad for at home business opportunties! Win-Win for us! We (she) has all of the information to get you started so feel free to drop me an email and I can get you going in the right direction.

I am putting this in the "advertisements" section since it could be considered a business opportunity. I have been presented with many opportunities that seem like this but I have never got into an "At Home" type of deal... but this one has the products that I want to buy but can't find in stores, and at great prices... plus by sharing it with others that I know would love the products too, there is a chance we could make some money doing it! Win-Win!

I have always wanted to do my part to help the environment and my girlfriend and I have recently found a company that fits perfect with what we have been looking for. We get to purchase products that are ALL non-toxic to our environment and on top of that, just for telling others about it and getting them signed up we get money for it! I'm happy with just the products but its like a small business you can run in your spare time. We got going for $1 (its usually $29) and we can get others signed up for $1 too. You can email me to get the info. There are videos, literature, online live presentations by regular people that offer this to people like you and I and the products are great. If you are interested drop me an email and we will get you signed up so you can enjoy non-toxic products delivered to you at great prices... plus you can make some extra money too.

Thanks for looking and your consideration.

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