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Card game

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Card game
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hi to everyone from the world,

Do some of you guys own a tarot deck? How about an oracle deck? Or maybe a Lenormand? If not to all three than I know for sure some of you guys have a deck of playing cards? Now how many of you guys can read with any one of them? You do not have to be good at reading them just know how to use it. If you are a newbie than that just makes it perfect. If you are really good at reading them than that is fabulous.

What I want you guys to do is get it out. Don’t be shy. We know that you secretly glance at it thinking no one is watching. Or maybe you like to keep your friends with you at all time. I know I keep my favorite ones with me at all times and yes even in bed. They keep the bogeyman away (jk).

Are you ready now? Or are you wondering what this crazy chick is thinking and sounding so childish? That is a very good question. We are going to play a game; a very simple one. Yup I totally sound so unprofessional and uncool but it sure does not hurt anyone; it also another way to play with your cards and get to know them. Now let me explain how the game is played.

Game Rules:

Take out your cards and shuffle them. When you are done take one from your stack and say the first thing that comes out of your head when you see the card so throw away the books and that means no google either. Then post it in this thread especially the name of the card and the deck that you are using.

Here is the catch. It can only be up to 1 or 2 sentences.

The next person has to see if it relates to them or not. If it does then they have to write 1 sentence in what it resonate with them if it does not relate to them than that fine. They have an excuse to not write anything.

You can go again as much time as you want but make sure someone first answer the post that you posted.

An example:
Bob, Kat, Bob, Kat, Bob, Sam, Bob, Kat, Sam, April, Bob, Joe, Phil, Bob

You get the idea. The thing is to make sure you do not answer your own self other than that you are good.

So are you ready to play? Okay I’ll start it.

P.S. You can change the deck anytime you want.


I will be using my tarot of the sweet twilight.

9 of chalice

Open your arms and embrace the beauty within. Do not listen to those pisky whispers that are telling you otherwise.
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Re: Card game
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
P.S. I did not made this game up or have any rights to it either. I found it on a website and thought to share it with you guys but I did wrote the first post with my own words instead of the site where I found the game so not to have any problems. I have no rights, no copyrights and nada.
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Re: Card game
Post # 3

I did embrace the beauty within...lol Thats when I decided not to listen to what everyone else wants from me and how they think I should live. I live for me now. :)

This can be fun. I have a Juliet Sharman-Burke's tarot deck, so here goes:

Ace of Cups

Things are going to belooking up, and you will be welcomed with love and good will. A great time for personal relationshiprenewal and spititual growth.

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