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Name: Springfire3
Birthday: Apr 16 1984
Location: Indiana
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I'm a mother of threegreatboys. I fullyembraced my path 3 years ago, however it has always been a part of me sinceI was a child.My very first experience was whenI was 11 yrs old, butI had no clue what I was doing. I just did what came to me... and it worked!I pushed it all aside sevral times, but it kept coming back to me. After i accepted whoI am and embraced my path,wonderful things started happening to me.I'm pagan and love it! I'm a fast learner and am very open-,minded. I enjoy learning things from different points of view, so that I can decide what feels rightfor me. I have this deep hunger for knowledge and I hope to find people on here who can help me out, as well as i'd love to help others. I want to learn and grow with the community as a whole.

I also like to write poems and have a whole book of them that I love to share and get feedback on. Here is one that I'll share...

The sky dark, air is cold

Stars shine bright, colors bold

Full moon glowing, our natural light

Energies flowing, a magical sight

A fire is burning, flames licking high

The circle is forming, spiritual allies

Animals gather near, hear them breathe

Enormous power, will and believe

Creatures of Night, their turn to fly

Bare trees creak, leaves swirl by

Smell the change, the time is near

Say their names, here they appear

Name your desires, ask the price

Be clear on the deal, then think thrice

Proceed with caution, for its a must

Creatures of Darkness, you can't trust