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spell help
Post # 1
i dont know if anyone is willing to share any spells , nor do i know if any such spell exists, but im looking for a spell to banish a guy who is haveing a very bad influence on my ex.before you say, hes my ex why should it matter? it matters because my ex is my childrens father and the influence of the other person is meaning my ex dosent see his kids. the influence also comes under substence abuse too and that my ex is also a person who cant say no. so in a nut shell, my reasons are protective ones. ive tried to do a black candle banishing spell myself but the spell in question is one that means the person us banished from the spellcaster not another person wich concludes why im writing all this. does anyone know of or is willing to share (via pm) a spell that i can do to banish this person away from my kids dad? i know that if that persin is gone, my ex may still not see his kids as much as he should, but it would definatly help. thank you.
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Re: spell help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
So what you are really mad about is that your ex is succumbing to this other person's influence which is effecting his ability to care for the children that you had together.

My suggestions are to go over to where he lives, and talk to him. Draw a line and say that you need him to start being a father too - they are his children as well. My other suggestion is instead of a spell to banish the woman, do a spell to divert her influence somewhere else. He is happy where he is, otherwise he wouldn't be there.

(no I will not give you a spell, you can write one on your own)
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Re: spell help
Post # 3
its not a chick, its a dude. and i will try a diversion spell. and talking isnt working its all on deaf ears.
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Re: spell help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Either way. If you feel some legal matters are warranted, then go ahead and involve an attorney.

Be careful how you approach the situation. If you come at it from a place of anger, he will not listen. Try keeping a level head - talking is not entirely out of the question as you say it falls on deaf ears, which means you still are able to confront him in such a way that your words are directed towards him. Make him listen.

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