ten of swords...

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ten of swords...
Post # 1
i continue to read my own tarot cards and the ten of swords keeps appearing every time. i have tried shuffling them numerous time and it continues to appear. can someone help me understand why i cannot escape this card?
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Re: ten of swords...
Post # 2
I am going to assume that the things you are doing the readings on are very personal and would not be shared on open forum. I say that because if you are getting this card repeatedly, you are asking some very difficult questions.

The meaning of the card itself is an inevitable ending that precedes a new beginning. In order for the new to happen, the old must pass. This can mean anything from a relationship to a new school, new home, new job, parents getting divorced/remarried. Like I said, some tough stuff.

The best advice I can give you on this is don't fight it. What is going to happen will happen and cannot happen any other way. I know its not always what people want to hear, but its the way the world works. And normally the new that comes is better than the old that was.
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Re: ten of swords...
Post # 3
Most people take the ten of Swords as a bad card. But it clearly says that it is the end of the cause and effect. That whatever it is you have been enduring or bringing you pain is ending and that it will hurt you no more. People should not fear the unknown simply because they don't understand it. Even the real "Death Card" in tarot is not talking physical death rather a death of a old habit or friendship, ect. As with every death thou comes rebirth. Change happens, I know from experience if it is not learned willing and it is written in your true will happen. It's when we fight something that is destined to be will it become more painful and last longer until the lesson we are meant to learn and/or grow from is achieved.The other reason it could be reappearing is your focused on that card, therefore your energy is prone to pick it. That would of course depend on how often you are doing readings, 'daily-multiple times a day-couple times a week, ect.
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Re: ten of swords...
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
This reminds me that when I did fortune telling with playing cards I asked the deck if I could trust it, it gave me the joker 3 times :)

The ten or swords card is probably representing a big part of your life and affecting all your questions answers
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Re: ten of swords...
Post # 5
enlightenment, a turning point... maybe feeling life is against you,.... it really depends on where about in your spread it was.. and if its recurring i would pay special attention to that card! and look at it in depth -treegirl.
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