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I have a Question!
Post # 1

We all here this to often. Why? Well I am not sure I am the one to judge but here are a ton of questions and Answers.

If my answer does nto fit your opinion just say so. Thanks for reading!

Question 1

How do I know if I am a Witch?

Usually a person can tell. Well because witchcrafts fits them so well. It is like the missing piece to a big puzzle. As though other things they have tried and search for failed but feel as though they ar e at home. Quote from Margot Adler:

"We should educate people that 'Witch' is not evil but ancient and positive. The first time I called myself a 'Witch' was the most magical moment of my life."

Question 2

What is a Natural Witch?

A natural witch is seen as someone with the ability of a witch. Which usually takes time to learn. Such as foretune telling, scrying, or other idealism related to witchcraft or the psyche. For me it was Tree speaking. You do not have to be a natural witch to be a witch.

Question 3

What do you call a Male Witch?

As the orignal meaning of witch means Wise Woman. Men were not common under witchcraft in certain areas of the world. But you can still call yourself a witch. Other names go to Sorcerer, magician, and or Wizard. Depending on your pathway Some just go by Wiccan or shaman or another title.

Question 4

Why not just be called a Warlock?

I personally do not see an issue with the name but others go by the Old english term Of being known as Traitor. Old English waer-Covenant and Loga means one who denies. Which is simple terms means Oath Breaker. This term was often used by christians as a way to describe male witches.

Question 5

How do I become a Witch?

Becoming a Witch is the same thing as becoming another being in anything from religion to a craft. If you know it is right for you then you have already made a step towards the path way. Though witchcraft has many forms. Some forms may require certain requirements. But most forms of the craft is a personal decision. You can always meditate to see if witchcraft is for you or Other rituals as well. You can also do some kind of initation ritual. Some witchcraft traditions call for specific rituals. Others call forth you to make your own. As others have no initition at all. One of the best ways to learn is STUDYING! Learning witchcraft takes a lifetime. There are books to help beginners as well.

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Re: I have a Question!
Post # 2

Question 6

Can I be a Christian and a Witch?

The answer to this question is based on you. You must decide this. Yes Christian Witches do exist. Christian Witches have been through out the ages since Christianity was created. But Past events from The Roman Catholic position is witchcraft is heresy. And would put Christian Witches to death. Some Wiccans Honor Jesus and their Male God. As well as Mary or other Saints. As others work with Jesus and other Gods. But you need to decide what is right for you.

Question 7

Do you have to worship Gods?

You do not have to worship anything you do not want to. Some people worship the Earth. As other Worship there Ancestors or Spirits. What you honor or worship is your choice.

Question 8

What is The Lord and Lady?

This is the Most common Wiccan view is the divine duality. The divine is in our reality where it is both The God and The Goddess. Some Wiccans view the Lord and Lady as indepentent entity. While some wiccans see The Lord and Lady as the basic part of the Divine. Some Wiccans just honor The Lord and Lady. As well as Finding a God and Goddess to represent them. The Most common belief is seeing All Gods as the Same being of Great Divine Force. You do not need to keep the same Lord and Lady. You change as well as who you choose to worship Changes.

Some people still follow other beliefs such as Celtic, Kemetic, Christianity, Jewish, Muslim, hellenism, Hinduism, and etc. And do not follow the Lord and Lady. As I have stated and I know I will say it again it is Your choice.

Some view the divine as a force or energy that transcends the idea of a God or Goddess. There are other views of the divine. This is a subject that you can study on your own and then come to conclusions that you personally believe.

Question 9

How do you find a God/ess?

Everyone needs to seek there own Goddess or God on there own way. Like I stated Some people follow The Lord and Lady, A God and Goddess. If you are part of a Coven or Group you can seek help with The Council or Priest/ess. There are rituals to help you on your search. As well as Meditation. If you are solo or in a group of Begginers. You will need to look for your own self.

For Some people The Gods come to them. Such as in Dreams, visions, signs from the Your God/ess. The easiest method is research on Gods and Goddesses from around the world. After a lot of research you will find Gods that Appeal to you. Once you find them do Divination, Meditation or a ritual to confirm.

Question 10

What is animal and Spirit Guide?

The two most common animals connected in witchcraft are to a spirit guide and familiars. Spirit Guide is an Animal in the spirit world. While the familiar is an animal in the phsyical world such as a hare or Cat.

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Re: I have a Question!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
In response to Question #3 I'd make a small correction. The word Witch as well as the word Wicca come from Anglo-Saxon. In that language "Wicce" was a female Witch, while "Wicca" was a male Witch. The term Wicca did not mean "Wise Woman", it meant male Witch. It may have been derived from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "to bend" or it might have come from a different word meaning "to know". So male Witches are simply called Witches.
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Re: I have a Question!
Post # 4
Not all people who fall under the category of a witch choose to call themselves witches.

This was a pretty good post. Good job answering many of the beginner questions
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Re: I have a Question!
Post # 5

Question 11

Do witches believe in Heaven and Hell?

Like with anything I have said. It depends on you. Some Wiccans believe in Summerland as others believe in reicarnation. As others believe in Ancient Idealism Of Afterlife Such as Hades, Hel, and etc. Others believe in no afterlife. And some still are uncertain of the idea of afterlife.

Question 12

I need a few spells, can I have some of yours?

Spell Begging is consider a Bad form, Many people are catious with sharing spells, espcially with strangers. Some Witches consider themselves for misuse of any spells they give out. And there are ALOT of spells that can go wrong.

There are many ways to get spells- Books, making your own, or finding a mentor to help you. spells.

Question 13

How do I make a Book of Shadows?

As Wiccan and other modern forms of Witchcraft call for Spell Book such as a Book of Shadows . One thing to point out you cannot buy a already made Book of shadows. Yes there are books of people spells out there. But does not mean it is you r book of shadows. Everyone needs to make there own. Also a Book of shadows is more than just a spell book. It is your personal Journal of Notes on witchcraft, rituals, spells, poems, drawing, information on crystal, candles, Entities. All in all this is a book of your experiences as being a witch.

You can use blank paper to make it using a binder or Notebook. Buy a blank book. Or type it on the computer.

And Again No Spell Begging Please.

Question 14

How can I do all this with no money?

First way to answer this start earning money to make your own purchases. Then you do not need to ask someone to buy it or get permission to buy it. If you are under the age of Sixteen you most likely cannot work to earn money on your own. But you could baby sit, mow the lawns or other things like that.

The next thing I sugges is looking for free resources. There are a lot of websites that offer free ebooks and lessons in witchcraft. As well as some libaries may carry what you are earching for. You can make your own Tarot cards and make your own runes. Use nature as your source of material is great way to go as well. Just remember to respect Nature.

And Last I suggest looking into other ways to do something. If you are not able to do witchcraft being under age and having to live people who do not understand or have not gone out of the broom closet be creative. Such as a Ritual bath call it a scented bath. Candle magic romatic lighting. For other thiongs say it is a hobby. I am not saying lying or being dishonest. Just be creative.

Question 15

Where can I find these Supplies?

One look around to see if there is any local new age shops where you live. Look online. Also book stores are awesome and may carry what you need. And if you are on a budget try dollar stores may have what you need as well. As well as off season items at stores. Like red and green candles on sale during Janruary. You can also look into online stores. Heck, this site carries New age products of different versions of witchcraft. And for herbs. Look in grocery stores may carry them. Thrift shops. Be open minded and be patient. Health food stores are good way to look into to.

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Re: I have a Question!
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
These are all very informational,keep on adding! :)
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Re: I have a Question!
Post # 7

Question 16

How do I join a Coven or Group?

Well as an Exception there is starting to become more popular is Online Covens. There is some on this Site as well as other sites. So for online covens. See what they work with how they treat others what there views on magic is. And etc. Ask The Priest or Priestess Questions that may concern you. As well as Read the bio of the Coven. Other sites Usually require to Add you personally. Others are open wioth out invitiation.

For other covens That are in real life. Tend to be private. Most covens rarely invite new members. The reason for this is when they are already in balance with each other and know each other. The magick is strong. But adding someone Can be cautious due to unfamiliarity with everyone.

If you are looking to meet other Witches. try New Age Shops, Astrology Shops. And witchcraft stores. Also try Witchvox. Most witches do not mind questions but dislike Spell Begging.

Question 17

Why use Crystals?

Some people often learn that in basics Crystals are often a common tool or study and etc. Some people have affinity with Crystals as others have to work hard to gain a good connection with them. Crystals are used in many types of witchcrafts as well as shamanism.

I believe the most popular use for crystals Is scrying. I will later explain what Scrying is. But in basic terms it is a divination. The reason this may be so popular may be due to hollywood. With the crystal ball. Though a good crystal Ball can Cost Up to Hundreds of dollars. Depending on how big you want it and the material. Due to its High cost it is good to start off on inexpensive crystal. Such as Clear quartz is the common crystal for scrying.

Crystals can also be used in Spells and rituals. This helps direct your energy and focus onto the crystal. And each crystal has special propertities. With this size is usually not important.

Question 18

How do I know if I am using the right Crystal?

To find your crystal that is right for you. I often suggest people Them to hold the crystal in there hand and feel different ones using this method till they find one that feels right. With crystals the one that feels right to you may not feel right to others. i often am attracted to Amethyst as My partner is Attracted to Bloodstones. RARELY do witches share the same crystal.

Oncxe you find that right crystal. Pick it up with your hand and feel the energy that comes from it. If you cannot find one that feels right keep looking it is out there. It is also very likely you may be attracted to more than opne crystal. And are used for different purposes.

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