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belief in magic

Forums ► Misc Topics ► belief in magic
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belief in magic
Post # 1
Help. I'm new at magic and am having trouble believing in it. Any ideas? I've no imagination anymore. I also stopped having dreams awhile ago after I saw my friend die. I don't know how but I've had dreams like that sometimes.
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Re: belief in magic
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Hello raindragon1. Being new to magick is quite a scary and yet interesting idea to comprehend. As for believeing in it, if you didn't believe in magick you wouldn't be taking in an interest in it now would you? It may seem like your imagination has "gone away" but it hasn't. Imagination is part if your sub-concious and if you didn't have a sub-concious you would be dead. The key to having dreams again, unlocking your imagination, and full belief in magick is to study and practice it. Meditation and relaxation can help ease the mind and unlock parts of your brain you never knew were there. Your imagination never left it just got locked up inside your mind. You still imagine things but your mind is to busy focusing on ther subjects that it doesn't take notice.Also, it may seem like you don't have dreams but I can assure you that you do. You may not remember them because when you first awaken from sleep you immediately start forgetting your dreams.in a matter of seconds they can be locked away in your concious. That's we're meditation comes into play. It helps to relax the mind and focus your energy into your memmories which in term helps you to remember your dreams.Also, the dreams that you do have about the death of your friend can have multiple different meanings. It could be that you felt powerless or that you couldn't do anything to help your friend. It's a feeling of guilt that's makes the dream reoccur or it could be PTSD of your friends passing. I wish you luck on your new path through the mysteries of life and understanding the truth. I also wish your friend a happy eternity and that they R.I.P
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Re: belief in magic
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Sometimes beliefs take time to become real in the brain. Perhaps you are a skeptic at heart and need some proof before you are willing to believe something, and this is perfectly fine :) A lot of people are this way and it is a healthy approach to new ideas and thoughts.

Now about your lack of dreaming, this could be a result of serious trauma. I urge you to find somebody that you can talk to about your friends death, somebody you trust (most likely not a friend as they have a tendancy to talk about it with other friends) that you can let know what is going on in that mind of yours. You may not feel that it effects you but it really does.
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Re: belief in magic
By: / Novice
Post # 4
actually, you are dreaming you just lack the ability to remember them. all creatures dream. unless you keep waking up before REM sleep occurs which is beneficial to ones health. for your lack of dreaming i would speak with a doctor, be it a psychiatrist, a psychoanalyst, or a medical doctor to check out your sleep patterns. either way, you're probably dealing with trauma causing your lack of dreaming.

you inability to believe in magick, while sad, is not uncommon. i'm a rather logical person, so there was a few years where i stopped believing in magick because my logical mind couldn't comprehend spells as logically valid. magick is energy, we can tap into this energy and make it work to our advantage. sit outside and meditate, see if you can sense/feel anything. if you still can't grasp magick, i started working with herbs, because i could understand why the magical properties of chamomile could heal, because it takes energy [magick] and the plants own natural benefits. from their i started stepping out slowly casting spells again, and i believe once more. just take it slow.
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