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Energy Manipulation

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Energy Manipulation
Post # 1

I wanted to ask, has anyone ever done Energy Manipulation? I have already tried to meditate and I don't seem to be getting very far. So I just wanted to hear what you have to say. Has it worked? Is it true you can eventually see it clearly and be able to shape it into anything you want?

No mean comments or fluffies please.


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Re: Energy Manipulation
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Yes, people can manipulate energy; even to a point they can shape it into different things. Not every one can see energy for what it is. Those than can are referred to as having been gifted with "the sight." But for most people they have to merely feel energy and can visualize energy. Of course, when one is visualizing energy, what they see of the energy is what they make it out to be, and not necessarily what it is.

A really good basis for trying to learn how to manipulate energy is feeling energy. Have you ever meditated and felt a tingling sensation throughout your body, rub your hands together and feel how warm they get? Have you ever ground your body with a beam of light visualisation that you felt as it passed though you? Those are some ways that will allow you to be able to get an idea of how energy can feel. It will help you become aware of energy.

The body has a second called the energy body. As named, it is a body made solely of energy. I'll list some easy ways to become aware of this energy body, in which you will learn some control over energy, but definitely (if done right) how to feel energy.

Start on any one of your fingers, it doesn't yet matter. Gently stroke your finger from knuckle joint to tip and out as if you were trying to pull your finger to be extended outwards, which really is exactly what you're trying to do. You want to take your energy body and get to feel it. You want to become aware if it. So with this exercise what you are doing is taking that finger of your energy body and having it extend out past your fingertip. It may help you if you visualize this as you do it. You may feel a sort of phantom limb there; you may begin to feel the energy has a vibration frequency; you could feel it as heat, or even coldness. Every one feels and experiences energy differently. Continuing on, have that energy finger extend out to about a half inch to an inch past your fingertips. Then when you have that done start working on the next finger until you have done it for each finger.

With this having been done you could test it out by feeling your own body, or go to another person and have them tell you what they feel as you touch them with your extended energy limbs; of course being that they are accepting to allow you to do that with them.

From there you want to start on doing the same one small section at a time throughout your body (not all in one day. Should be done in a matter of days to weeks to even months.) Until you have gone through your entire body. As you progress if you feel uncomfortable or any irritation it is best to stop.

To re-align your energy body and your physical, from where you have been extending your energy body, there are a couple simple ways to get it done. One way that usually works is by getting a good night of sleep. Another is to shake the area extended and breathe in sharply.

Another way in which you can learn to not only feel energy, but also manipulate it is by making what is called the energy ball/psi ball/psychic energy ball. In essence, this is a ball of your energy that you form through manipulating your energy. Basically what you do is cup your hands so that they are close but apart and not touching. Gather energy at your centre point. Send it up your body to your arms, to your hands, then to your fingers and out to the area between your hands to form a ball. You can then push more energy into it to continue expanding it in size or push your hands closer together to compress the ball. A sure way to know that you have achieved making one is by feeling pressure from the ball. When done and ready to return the energy back to your body, simply clap your hands together.

Yes, you can change the energy into different shapes. But you first have to get used to feeling it and manipulating it/working with it. The same can be said for the energy body. But I don't advise going about and just altering your energy body unless you are very experienced, truly know what you're doing, and know the risks that can come with it and how to deal with them.

Hope that helps you to get started.
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