Suspected love spell

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Suspected love spell
Post # 1
Hello, I am completely new to exploring about love spells in English- but am resorting to English because I am getting confused in the SE Asian language I am trying to learn in. I am a bit familiar with Cambodian Love Spells, a potion is used along with rituals and merit- making.

I am writing because of the strange behavior of a very close friend. It is someone I consider a brother, and we love each other very much and have a strong connection.

About 2 yrs ago he reconnected with a former lover, whom he said had previously used love magic on him ( as well as two other women at different times). He was unattached at the time, and they began to date a bit. About that time, I left the country on business. When I returned 3 weeks later, he acted strangely- but I didn't notice too much, as I am happily married, but soon, someone told me "he is back with her now, didn't you know?" As if I was being fooled. I was hurt because I trout we were close friends.

Now I believe in prayer, prayed for him and also asked him about the rumors. He confirmed it and our friendship was restored, though I still feel strange, why did he keep this renewed relationship a secret?

Since then, I have become friends with this lady. They are ceremonial promised in marriage but not yet official.

Ok so here's my wonder. Almost like clockwork, he is terribly sick (the claimis he cannot keep food down, he just throws up all the time) more strangely, this buddy of mine takes a couple of days in near hiding- doesn't come to work for us, doesn't answer his phone, etc. complete shut down. A month ago, my husband actually decided to visit him at home. He reported, "he didn't seem I'll at all, other than mentally". So his lady's and his claims "he is dizzy and throwing up" we're then proved to be a lie. He later reported delirium when my husband drove up"I thought a whole gang of motorcycles drove up" and to me, "I missed you terribly but couldn't get up to do anything, though my heart longed to see you"

Also, typically the lady is very responsive and communicative but when our friend is in his "sick days" she acts strange, not answering her phone, etc. we are in the middle of one of the times now. (But it's not the full moon!?) last month which was the strangest yet, was on the end of a time of three weeks of conflict between the couple, at which time he was saying to both me and my husband ," I don't know if we are going to make it!" And he even ended up staying over at our home for three nights, and when she begged him to return home - and he relented, the very next day the weird illness fell again. Btw, that and this time are almost exactly a month ( and maybe a couple of days) apart.

Ok- so can you shed light on what is happening? Is this a spelling situation, and if so, is my beloved friend in danger? I was concerned for his liver last time as his symptoms sounded like poisoning to me...when I asked his lady, she swallowed hard, and changed the subject, again even after I brought it up again. Thank you in advance for any and all kindness towards me and this beloved man.
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Re: Suspected love spell
Post # 2
First, if you think that your friend is sick, and it is happening like clockwork, then you should first see a medical professional for their opinion before continuing.

If he has been bespelled, you personally cannot do a lot to help him without his permission, as that would be rude. First approach your friend about the situation and see what he says.

If he is okay with it, you could work a cleansing spell or ritual on his behalf. It could be something as easy as an herbal and salt bath, or something very long and intricate. That would be up to you to decide.
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Re: Suspected love spell
Post # 3
Someone else suggested that today- this may be an indicator of a serious illness. I am looking for as much good advice as this as I can, so please do speak up.
As for your suggestion, I wouldn't even presume to think I had the ability to help without discussing - and I think I can- ough one of the side affects of this new woman is that he is increasingly growing detacthed and even s emasculated- used to be a very independent spirit- confident in all things he does well, but since back with this lady, he is increasingly not self confident.
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