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What I hate about SoM

Forums ► Comments ► What I hate about SoM
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What I hate about SoM
By: / Novice
Post # 1

I dislike that fact that there hasn't been someone added on here yet that is here to find and then gag/ban accounts that are obviously roleplaying or just troll

I seen an account just about three minutes ago that had their city listed as Chance Harbor and they talked about something called circles

I know that might seem normal but that's the city and plotline to a TV show that was titled The Secret Circle plus I already figured out who they are and I could name a couple of their old accounts that got gagged

I'm suggesting there should be someone here that has the job of looking over profiles to see how valid they actually are so we can confirm they aren't like that

Re: What I hate about SoM
Post # 2
i was joking around jeez and you have no right to tell people that their imagination isnt aloud...so hows about you get some human emotions and hike up your skirt and be a real witch!

Re: What I hate about SoM
Post # 3
and if you knew a thing or 2 about witchcraft you would know that circles are real...they are just as real as covens

Re: What I hate about SoM
Post # 4
There is no crime in having a profile, zrozex. The crime is when people spread mis-information and roleplay. That is when they will be gagged.

I find it very innapropriate that you called out a specific member like this.

Re: What I hate about SoM
Post # 5
Hay bud. Its like this on any sight you go to I would not single out s.o.m. mabey you should ask if you can be a moderator they don't get paid and what you ask sounds like long hours of work for an under staffed volenter group so if you realy wanted change you'd be able to do it your self.

Re: What I hate about SoM
Post # 6
Zrozex, here at SoM you cannot be gagged for having fluff material on your account, because it might be in the context where you are making a joke about it and people honestly don't know unless they ask. It's only if they start to apply that fluff to the forums and to the chatter that they will be gagged.
As well, this site does not have a policy against creating new accounts, and this is probably because a majority of witches start out in a fluffy place nowadays, so banning them for life would prevent them from gaining future learning opportunities on this site.
However, if you do find a profile that has cuss words on it, it would greatly appreciated if you would report said person, because SoM has no tolerance for foul language.
Have a nice day!

Re: What I hate about SoM
By: / Novice
Post # 7
what i hate about SoM has less to do about the site and people who sit around and complain without giving solutions. [i know you gave one] people are aloud to have jokes on their profile. while not on mine here, most accounts i have on sites claim i'm from 'the digital world' which is a reference to one of my favourite anime's. do i honestly think i am? no, it's for fun. when a persons location is made up, who cares? i personally don't want to know where people live. it's neat to know the country, but if someone wants to put down, say, 'duckberg' then let them. it's when they swear up and down they're a thousand year old vampire or something we should correct them.

i do believe it's written in the rules what one can and can't have on their profile, so read them and see if a person is breaking the rules. if they are, mail a mod. if they're not but you feel it is, again, mail a mod. don't bug them, one will do. they're busy, and they have a life outside this site. this is more of a hobby for them i think.

just so you know, there kind of is someone who finds and gag/bans accounts, it's called everyone on the site. an account you claim was almost instantly gagged, with several other gagged accounts probably has been labeled a troll or role-player and the person is now a gag on sight user. if this is the case, don't worry. you see the person, you report them, they're gone, end of story. mods, admin, and editors all look for these people, but they're busy with a lot of the site maintenance, so it's farther down the list of problems. if a normal member see's someone breaking the rules, you mail a mod, and they look into it.

Re: What I hate about SoM
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Well, I guess I need to be gagged then as I frequently referred to the coven that I ran for 12 years as a circle.

A number of years ago there was a very good book on setting up sacred space called "Circles, Groves, and Sanctuaries". So the term is well-known in Pagan culture. I suspect Hollywood got the name for their show from the fact that some groups do indeed refer to themselves as "circles".

Seriously, there are a lot of people on this site who have fantasy locations in their profiles. Or who claim to be werewolves, demigods, etc. There is no rule against that as long as it stays in the profile. Only if they start role-playing in chat or the forums is it a rule violation.

Nor do we gag someone just because they have another account that has been gagged. As long as the new account follows the site rules they are welcome to post here.

If a person is going to role-play or act in a trollish manner eventually they will be caught and dealt with my the Mods, etc. But if we went around gagging everyone on here who was into fantasy land we'd soon have a very small group on here at all.

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