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Never Ending Nightmare

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Never Ending Nightmare
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Never Ending Nightmare
Post # 1
I need some help interpretimg this nightmare that I've had ever since I was little. Since I was about 6 (I'll be 19 in a week) I've had this nightmare at least 10 times. I'm going to give as much detail as possible so I apologize in advance for it being so long. There are some things that change slighly but here is what happens:

I am walking through the woods with somebody I know,(everytime I have the dream it is a different person)it's usually some one like my mom or brother, or a best friend, basically somebody that I love and care about. After a few minutes we come up to this cabin and there is this group of about 5 or 6 people (not exactly sure how many), they are dressed in black hoaded cloaks... and they tell us to follow them.

*Here the dream changed overtime becuase after the first few times of having it I knew what would happen and I would try to run but the person I am wih will never listen and they keep going towards the cabin.*

Now once the groups leader tells us to follow them we have no choice (its as if they use magick to prevent us from running or moving in any direction other than where they want us to go).
They bring us to the back of the cabin and there is this wheel which I always refer to as a "wheel of death". They spin the wheel to determine how the person with me will die and no matter what I do I can't save the person that is with me. And I am never the one to die, even if I tell them to "take me instead" they tell me "you know that is not how this game is played".

*Here the dream is slightly different because the first few times I was held down and forced to watch my friend or relative be killed. But overtime they started allowing me and the person with me to run away but they always catch us and the person still died. One time the person ran with me and we never seen the group or the wheel and they still killed him because they somehow knew that I had seen the cabin. But the last time I had this dream, about a year ago,and th time before that, I didn't try to run or even try to save the person with me. As soon as I saw the cabin I cried the whole rest of the time and just repeatedly told the person with me that I was sorry and I love them because I knew there was nothing I could do to save them.

If somebody could tell me what this means, even if it is just a guess, I would greatly appreciate it!! This is one of them nightmares/dreams that feels like its really happening and I can never wake up until it is over and the person I know is dead :( it is one of the most awful nightmares I've ever had and i always wake up with this feeling of helplessness and most of the time i wake up crying because I feel like I really just lost that person.

A big thank you in advance to everyone who can give me some insigt as to what this dream might mean.
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Re: Never Ending Nightmare
Post # 2
Hello sorry if this isn't much help but I tried. It seems because major things are changing it may or may not have something to do with that person in the waking life. The cloaked people could represent and issue you are struggling or giving up on depending if you run or not. I suggest you look at your waking life and see if there are any long term issues going on involving the person you were last with or new people. It could help.

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