can someone help?

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can someone help?
Post # 1
hi, im in need of a spell if someone can point me in the right direction. my ex and i used to get along well.. we even used to hook up once in a while.. the prob is now, is that of the blue he decided not talk to me no reason for it just not talking not haveing anything to do with me.... i was wanting a spell to get rid of the haterid he feels for me and get tje comunication back again.. if anyones able to help itd be appreciated.
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Re: can someone help?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Such spells like that are generally artificial. You can suppress emotions, but you can't remove them. And suppressing them will result in a wide range of emotional trauma.

Likely he always had a thing for you after you broke up. You kept hooking up on and off, and it messed with his head a bit. He decided to cut it all out of his life completely, and never knew how to talk to you about it.

That's just conjecture based on the impression I get, but it's a pretty likely scenario.
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Re: can someone help?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Well what about a spell that blesses the relationship and brings communication for better or worse. The implication is if the relationship is toxic to both people and unfixable it will dissolve

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Re: can someone help?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

It involves elder futhark runes and I recommend just googleing elder futhark and using a table in you need to convert latin letters to runes. This spell is very elaborate but I've used it myself and it works wonders. I recommend it be cast during a full or waxing moon

1. Write out all of the initials of your name and then convert the letters into the corresponding runes. Then superimpose the letters onto eachother so that they form a symmetrical and appealing image. This is a bind rune and it will represent you. Feel free to use it in other spells or as a personal mark

2. Do the same to your ex's name. This is his bind rune.

3. Next assemble your materials. Get a white cloth, a sheet of graph paper, a pen, and whatever you use to make ritual circles.

4. On the longer side of the graph paper cut off a strip four squares wide. This is what you will use to write your spell. Keep in mind that the rune script should occupy Eight boxes. Each rune, except for Gebo, will be two boxes tall, and one box in width. Gebo will be two by two. You will write the runescript three times on each side of the paper. Since the runescript occupies eight boxes use some light pencil to mark off where the runes will go. The script in the center occupies four boxes on each side of the center of the strip. The outer scripts occupy eight boxes from the ends they are closest to. THIS IS THE SAME ON BOTH SIDES OF THE STRIP

5. Before doing anything else write the following rune script in this order on a sheet of paper so that you can use it as a reference:

Fehu Ansuz Wunju -Your Bind Rune- -The ex's Bind Rune- Ingwaz

So that you know why you are using those runes

Fehu is a rune that will spark a lucky or opportune event

Ansuz will create communication from that event

Wunjo will insure that the communication leads to happiness for those involved in the relationship

Gebo represents the relationship

The two bind runes represent you and your ex

Ingwaz will insure a positive end and stop good effects from fading away

6. Bring the white cloth, the strip of paper, the rune reference sheet, and a pen into the area you will be doing magic

7. Open a circle however you normally do it

8. Imagine the results you want from the spell, really see it before you write anything.

9. Then as you write each rune, chant it's name and imagine what role it has in the spell, imagine your magic going into each rune. When you get to the bind runes, chant the name of the runes that went into the bind rune

10. Repeat until there are three runescripts on each side

11. Use your finger to smear your saliva over all the runes. This will be their life-blood

12. PRACTICE THIS WITH OHER STRIPS BEFORE YOU DO THE SPELL. Tie the strip into a know. Before you do any damage to the paper, press the knot flat. You should have a knot shape like a pentagon and two stips hanging out. Keep folding the strips into the flaps of the knot until you get a mishappen pentagon.

13. Wrap this pentagon tightly in the wide clothe

14. Place it in the center of your circle and walk around it nine times, speaking the purpose of the spell aloud. As you do this imagine the magic in the pentagon growing larger and larger. This step incubates pentagon which by this point can rightly be called a talisman.

15. Unwrap your talisman and imagine your life force flowing into it as you breath on it. You have literally given the talisman a breath of life.

16. Tap the talisman three times to get the attention of the forces that now reside in it. Name your talisman something related to its task

17. Set the talisman down and raise you hands up. Describe how you want the talisman to work. What events will it set in motion? Will your ex call you, come to your couch. Choose the most likely event so that your magic has more to work with. Declare that "Name of talisman" will funtion until it's work is complete.

18. Yell ALU and imagine magic obeying your command, slamming into you and seeking out your ex.

19. Express your thanks to the forces powering the spell, declare the ritual over, and close your spell circle.

20. Enjoy the results

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