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"Outside" Assistance

Forums ► Astral Projection ► "Outside" Assistance
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"Outside" Assistance
Post # 1
I have been studying Astral Projection, and have been attempting to project for over three years now without any success. Now, I've come across an interesting idea in my research, and I'd like to get everyone's opinion.

Would it be possible for an outside force, such as a spiritual entity or even another Astral Projector to help influence the actual separation from the body of someone who is attempting? And if so, does the recipient of the outside force need to conciously know he/she is recieving the help or no?

Again, just an interesting thought and I'm curious to if any Astra Projectors out there are willing to help me if in fact you can. Thank you!

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Re: "Outside" Assistance
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I think, personally, I might hesitate before seeking the aid of a spiritual entity in dislodging, or redirecting, my consciousness.

Awareness of yourself in all things is the greatest "self defense" you may possess, magically speaking. to cast your awareness elsewhere - at the control and influence of another, seems to be somewhat risky.

By the same token, learning to be aware of something that is not simply what you are looking at, hearing, smelling, etc. is perhaps the most important lesson of astral projection. It is thought, but more than that. It is thinking of a place, person, realm, etc. and being there in spirit. Much like you think to look at an object, and your eyes turn to it.

Relax. Learn to let your awareness drift on your own.
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Re: "Outside" Assistance
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

There are beings(mostly plant elementals) that help with AP. If someone who already AP(a person) tried to help you, it wouldn't had any effect. It was tried.

The plant elemental that helps for AP is that of the Datura Arboreea plant. You could seek it's help...

I found a ritual but it isn't obligatory to do it..because Datura provokes hallucinations.


I).First ask the elemental if you can do the ritual on him presenting what you'll do. Wait for a confirmation. Before doing the ritual, you had to do something for it(like caring for it.)

II).Take a twig from the tree and draw a spacious circle on the ground around the plant. Take some flowers and grind them. With the juice that appeared, you should anoint your back of the neck.

III).Then, while waiting to fall asleep, pronounce the mantra of the plant: KAM (KAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM)

IV).After some time, you should order imperatively:"WHenever I call you, you come at me. I need you to take me in my astral body, always, whenever I order you that."(or something similar... if you use your own words it's better but you should still be imperative) .

After this you have two variants:

1. You can continue saying KAM, until you fall asleep.

2. You can make a pact with the elemental.

With a clean needle sting your finger 'till blodd appears. Then with a knife(better it is if you cleansed it and charged it with your energy before). After that cut some hair and tie them on the plant. Take some flowers and put them into a small bag. You should now wear the bag as a talisman. Now you can ask for his help whenever you want, without the need of the flowers. You only need to repeat the III step when your falling asleep.


1.As I said, datura causes hallucinations...

2. YOU should put the juice only when you are going to sleep, not before. When you feel tired and know you'll fall asleep fast.

3. Be careful if you are going to make a pact.

When you make a pact, it's best to visit the plant at least once a week to give him water, to bless it and if you want take the petals and use the first variant.(Don't stress the elemental all the time.)

Also, if you use a lot of times the elemental, something will happen: In time, you'll enter in the astral yourself without help.

Be careful what you do with this information.

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