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Explanation of my dreams?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Explanation of my dreams?
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Explanation of my dreams?
Post # 1
Hey guys,

I would like to share some of my dreams that I felt it was weird. I needed explanations for them.

1. I dreamt about myself I was walking near the streets and it was morning. I saw no vehicles passing by so I crossed the street to go back to our house. While crossing the street a big truck is coming fastly. I was hit by the truck then I heard people screaming and that was then I woke up and the timing I heard the news on the radio that a 7 year old boy was hit by a rushing vehicle and went dead-on-arrival at the hospital. So I was wondering if I had been taken the place of the boy who was hit by that vehicle?

2. I dreamt I was on a ship (I forgot where was its destination). My family were also in it but they're really not the main subject in my dream. It was night,there were music,people were enjoying the night. Later the ship hit on something,it was a huge rock blocking the way. The captain didn't know that there was a huge rock in the way. The whole place was flooded with seawater and people started to panic. Later on,the back of the ship started to sink and all people realized that it was a deep trench. All of us wanted to get out and started to climb up but it was too late. The hug wave of seawater flushed all the people inside and the sinking of the ship in the trench was very fast that no one can really get out. Then the ship sinked through the hole and all people drowned. When I started drowning I woke up and it felt like I really tasted the salty water. A moment later I turned on the t.v. A flash news went on the screen that a ship sinked in a trench and no one retrieved was alive. All people died inside and there was a baby they got but his eyes were gone. I thought to myself,how did I dream such an awful nightmare?

3. Lastly I dreamt about 3 tornadoes coming in our place. They were huge tornadoes. I never heard a news that a tornado/a storm is coming,but I never thought it was a dream. Me and my neighborhood were evacuating but still,it was too late. Most of the houses were destroyed. Then we were sucked into the vortex of whirling wind. As I was going to be carried by the wind, I woke up. Later on that night a news flashed on the screen on the t.v. A hurricane strucked (I think it was in Ohio) and saw the houses were greatly destroyed.

There were more the same dreams I dreamt but I forgot most of the details. My dreams were so vivid that I think they were real. They had taken place long ago. Are these dreams unusual?

I'm sorry for most grammar lapses but I hope you understand what I mean.

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Re: Explanation of my dreams?
Post # 2
Greetings drrkWR4TH,

From the explanation, of your 3 dreams, you have newly awakened astral projection abilities.

I believe there's a section for astral projection, farther down the forum's main guide.

I hope you find the answers, that you seek.
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Re: Explanation of my dreams?
By: / Novice
Post # 3

I may agree but for the fact that with the last one did not happen until after he woke up. I would check into the powers of premonition. I tend to get mine while sleeping. It is when our subconcous can use are abilities that are wakened mind may not be able to control yet. We are at peace so as to take it in easier. It could have been to help you see something or show you that you have the ability. I see mine as a gift to help protect those I see in them that get hurt.

It is very possible that it could be one or the other or even both, the premontion ability may have helped you project to where it was happening.

These are of course just my opinions, but I would look into both.

Blessed Be.

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