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Really dumb question

Forums ► General Info ► Really dumb question
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Really dumb question
Post # 1
Please forgive me for wasting your time, but I'm fairly new to witchcraft,magic,and spirituality-ness in general and I have a dumb, but really important question to ask.
See here,I want to know what meditation is EXACTLY,and EXACTLY how you meditate.I have researched this subject A TON, but every website I went to, every book I opened,it never actually told me how to meditate.
This is really important for me to learn, because this is my main form of magic, because I live in a climate where you cannot find many herbs, and candles offer only so much...
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Re: Really dumb question
Post # 2
Merry Meet. For me, so far, meditation is a form of guiding the body into relaxation to clear the mind and rest the body. It helps in preparation for spell work, ritual work, energy work. I have a meditation exercise on my bio page.
Now some say there are many forms of meditation. When someone says "meditate on it", it means go into deep thought about it. I believe meditation is also a way to prepare for astral projection. You need to focus to do that. So meditation can help you focus.
Meditation is way of focusing to rest, to think on something, to find guide (another kind of meditation), though mine come in dreams, and whatever it means to you.
My meditation is based on Hatha yoga. It's a relaxation to do anytime, or after doing a workout(yoga). You can start with this and go from there to find other methods. I hope this helped. Blessed Be...
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Re: Really dumb question
Post # 3
Perhaps stop the research now and begin to practice.

There are also guided meditations on YouTube, or find a teacher by joining a group in your area. I would suggest choosing one discipline and sticking with it

Best of luck

Dark Moon.
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Re: Really dumb question
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Meditation ranges anywhere from simple thought, to prayer, to power meditation. In meditation the person is usually reflecting or thinking about something. Or, the goal could be to reach a deep state of mind so as to communicate with spirit, deities, etc. However, a common meditation is to simply BE. This means that your brain is idle, your heartbeat is steady, and you are completely still, in all literal and metaphorical manners.

With that out of the way, meditation is either going to be really easy or really hard. Many people with A.D.D or A.D.H.D find it hard to meditate. Meditation poses are usually laying down or sitting. You know the stereotypical meditating where the person yoga-sits and chants "ohhhhhhmmmm"? Yeah, that's not necessary. Once you are comfortable in one of the positions, comes the hard part: clearing your mind. This can be incredibly hard for someone who has a hyper-active brain. Let's test:


Let me guess, you thought of an elephant?

The idea that you shouldn't think caused you to do the opposite, because of how our brains function. To counteract this, focus on a clean image. A candle flame, ocean, swaying tree, or perhaps a flower? These quiet images help to create a calm mental environment for you to begin meditation. Focus on your breathing and visualize the air entering and leaving your body. Be aware of all your involuntary bodily functions; listen to your steady heartbeat.

But this us just to enter a meditative state. Once you're there, it up to you to decide where you'd like to go! Will you attempt projection? Or perhaps you want to build an astral home. Do you want to talk to your great-aunt Rosemary who still hangs around your home? Or maybe you'd just like to enjoy the stillness of your own mind.

Have fun!
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