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Spell Scribing

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Spell Scribing
By: / Novice
Post # 1
In accordance to a topic my coven is discussing, I have decided to post an article here on spell scribing.
If you do not know what 'spell scribing' is, it is simply writing down your spell and other workings. This is beneficial because while casting a spell provides a more ritualistic feeling, writing down a spell can provide a more solid foundation for the spell and can perserves it's intensitity; this not only is beneficial, but this is also good for beginners who have a difficult time casting, people who need a more tangible foundation, and luckily, for those who either can not cast or those who live in an environment that does not allow for it.

1. Tools: Pen, best if an ink pen or caligraphy pen. The reason why you should use a pen and not just a regular Ol' pencil is that a pen provides a permanant mark that finalizes the spell.
Paper, it is best if the paper is of more natural or pure substance. An extreme of this would be carving the spell on bark.
String, this is not absolutly neccesary, but the uses for string will be later discussed.

2. Process:
After gathering your supplies you may begin to write. You should scribe the entirety of your spell, all the conditions, your hopes for the outcome, people who the spell involves, anything else you feel that should be written down. * Also, if you worship a specific deity you can include them in the spell, or dedicate it to them.* Make sure you concentrate and focus on the spell. This proccess doesn't have to be purely spell centered either, you could write down your troubles and problems as well; it's a rather good stress releiver.
Once you have everything written down roll up the scribed parchment and bind it with a string of appropriate color and material, try not to crease the paper, this once agains finalizes your spell, wraps up all loose ends, sets the spell in stone. * You may follow this up by singeing the tips of the string that are loose *If you are good at knots, you can tie the string in a meaningfull knot!* You could also seal it with a wax stamp.
Place the parcel somewhere safe, where it won't get smashed, particuarly somewhere that relates somewhat to the spells content.
Visit the spell and focus more energy on it, meditate on the spell. This 'matures' the spell and brings it to its full potential. One reason that a longer time period is better is that this really reflects the determination of the castor, this is a refinment process. You are, in a sense, pollishing the spiritual energy and integrity of the spell.
After an appropriate amount of time, take one last once over of the spell and it's intentions, it is important to note that you should not re-open the spell once it is bound. Take all into account and then release it; destroy the spell, you can do this by burning it, burying it or any other way that you prefer. This is in reflection to finalizing your spell, makes it tangible and then you 'sacrifice' it, destroying it, letting the spell go to run its course. (This could also sybolise life's processes)
* Also notting, you should not keep a copy of the spell, you may, but it is not best. The spell was a irreputable proccess, and can not be undone, by keeping an extra, you are essentially disregarding the last process and are not setting the spell free. I also feel that this is doubting your ability, and the finalty of the spells content.

Overall scribing spells is a beneficial method of casting that can increase the intensity and energy of the spell, it i9s also a good method of releiving tensions and clearing your mind. I do hope this has been educational and if you feel that I have left anything out or just want to add please feel free to pitch in.
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Re: Spell Scribing
Post # 2
Thank you for posting this!
I make my own ink and I usually colour code the writings to define what the goal of the working would be!
For example;
White for protection
Red for healing
Orange for calming
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Re: Spell Scribing
Post # 3
Thank you for information. I have one doubt- If i cast a protection spell by your method then how i know that spell is worked or not?
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Re: Spell Scribing
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Well, you never know if a protection spell 'works', I suppose you would know if everything is fine and dandy. I actually mostly use scribed spells for protection, or use long time charms, more like physical spell for physical, and perhaps mental protection.
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Re: Spell Scribing
Post # 5
Thankyou for your informative post, Gekko. I just wanted to add that if you were inclined toward the Egyptian pantheon or Egyptian magick, you could petition Thoth who presided over such activities.

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