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Invocation to Forseti- From the pagan book of hours

Hail, Forseti, Lord of Justice,
Hand of Fairness of the Aesir.
Son of Baldur the Bright, Fallen Sun
And his faithful Nanna who followed him into death,
You stand quiet but strong on the fringes
Of the light and noise of your people.
You who are a warrior
And understand the nature of warriors,
Yet who steps between the warring parties
And finds the threads that lead to compromise.
You teach us that compromise need not be a betrayal,
But can indeed be a triumph.
You whose father was slain,
Creating great rifts between the hearts of many,
Yet who demanded not vengeance or weregild
No matter how many voices cried for war,
Yet instead set yourself on a path of peace,
Until your words were seen as so just
That the Gods themselves would lay their grievances
Before you. Hail, Lord of the Great Axe
Who is not afraid to use the warrior's skill
To wage peace, and also to enforce it.
Teach us to see those with whom we quarrel
As honorable opponents worthy of our respect.
Teach us that a fair compromise,
Or better yet, a breakthrough in understanding,
Is a far better victory than one wrought of anger and blood.

Forseti is said to be the son of Nanna and Baldur and is one of the younger gods in the Nordic pantheon. Nobody really knows what his name means though, some ideas have been thrown around that his name comes from the word whirling stream or cataract, which was due to his worship from the seagoing people. It may come from ban or forbidding. It also many come from the word president or presiding.

Glitnir(Glittering) is Forseti Hall of justices in Asgard, its said to be shingled in silver with gold porch pillars and it also radiatents light from a far distances. Forseti is known to represent good law,justice, good judgment, mediation, and arbitration. He is a good patron for anyone who is involved in the illegal systems such as a public defender, judge or public prosecutor. He is very fond of those who work in the law system because they are trying to make the word a better place to live in. He has a axe which he wears and it is a symbol of justice and can be a great talisman for people in the law profession. Forseti is a god that is dedicated to finding more peaceful ways to problems rather then letting them lead to bloodshed, conflicts are brought to his hall for this reason.

Also its good to be aware that if you have a issue with a deity you want to bring up publicly it is possible for you to go to Forseti about this. However be aware that he will tell you if its fair or not or if its a lost cause. Now if he does feel like your cause is a good and the other deity is willing to take part in this he will arrange for a mediated session. Though when your walking into something like this be prepared to be honest because your not going to get away with lying and refusing to answer certain questions will not get you anywhere. As well know that other deities may be asking you questions as well, and they many not be ones you expected.

In modern day Forseti is honored as the God of law and just ruling. He creates and sets laws and then will give them to his people. A good offering for Forseti is to be clear about what your wanting when asking for his aid. Also with Forseti he wants you to give back what you have gotten meaning if he has helped you out and you have gotten your way then as a offering and fairness to him and yourself you need to give back the same amount of good you have gotten.


The Pathwalker's Guide to the Nine Worlds- Raven Kaldera

Exploring the Northern Tradition- Galina Krasskova

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Re: Forseti
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Awesome post thank you! Forseti is a pretty cool god, his nature is both light hearted like his dad and serious like his mother. Thank you for this info!

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Re: Forseti
By: / Knowledgeable
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This was really well written.

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